UMA - Camp Williams Campus || August 2021 Application
1. This is for the Camp Williams Campus, Lehi, Utah.
2. If you currently have a cadet enrolled at UMA and you would like to enroll a sibling who is not enrolled at UMA please fill out this form just for the sibling, not the current cadet. Your sibling will skip the lottery, though we do need to include them in this process.
3. The Utah Military Academy is a College Prep, STEM focused, fully accredited public charter school. It is for those seeking high academic achievement in a full-time JROTC environment. It is not a reform school in any capacity. We expect all cadets to adhere to the same code of conduct and dress and grooming standards as the United States Air Force.
4. This enrollment is for students currently in 6th through 11th grades, enrolling grades 7th through 12th for August 2021.
5. Every year we are honored to receive enrollment applications from around the world. The Utah Military Academy does not have a 'boarding' capacity. All cadets are required to travel to and from school each day. All cadets are required to provide their own transportation to and from school each day.
6. Utah Military Academy is a School of Choice. Your Cadet must want to attend our Program, in order to be successful. Please note, we are not a reform school.
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The Utah Military Academy is a Public Charter School of Choice. By enrolling, you and your Cadet agree to comply with all expectations. Failure to do so may result in suspension and ultimately expulsion. *
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