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“Jielimishe Kwanza” –“Educate oneself first” in English translation, is a registered company based in Dar es salaam-Tanzania operating as Social enterprise devoted to develop human potential and inspire action. Our mission is to inspire, enrich and empower people to improve their lives through seven (7) projects; “Jielimishe Kwanza-Start Now” trainings, open platform of “Tanzania Readers Club (TRC)”, “Enviro-Forum”, “Ide@Spot”, “Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship in Tanzania (SEE-Tanzania)”, “Personal Development Centre (PDC)” and “Environmental Activists in Tanzania (EAT)”. We incubate, nurture, motivate and encourage people to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment with positive attitude in life.

Currently we are looking for highly self-motivated, self-driven college/University graduate (s) (aged 18-35 years) to run some of our projects under the umbrella of Jielimishe Kwanza.

Your personal benefits:
1.Expose your skills and creativity in related project(s)
2.Networking with other University graduate/ like minded youth
3.Being part of the project with sense of ownership nurtured by Jielimishe Kwanza
4.Being a member of Jielimishe Kwanza

Note: Currently we don't offer any financial support. It's your efforts, commitment and creativity to make a certain project more active will be a source of your financial support.

"We've created a platform for you to stand on and achieve your dreams"

Are you interested, please take few minutes to fill in this form. Deadline: 30th June 2016

Enquires: +255 754 572 143
Founder, Director Jielimishe Kwanza Co.Ltd

Volunteers Needed by 30th June 2016
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