Help Us Plan A Sex Education Series!!
Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio and The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women are bringing a sexual health education and discussion series to the Case Western Reserve campus this spring. We are seeking a diverse group of individuals to provide input and feedback. We would love to hear from the community what type of programming would be most useful! This form is completely anonymous so please feel free to share anything you want!
I am a:
If given the option, would you rather attend a sex ed discussion series in the evening or during a lunch period?
With 1 as the least and 5 as the most, please rate the following topics by amount of interest:
Anal Sex
BDSM/ Fetishes
Healthy Relationships and Consent
LGBTQ+ Topics
Body Image
Is there a specific topic or subject you would like to see addressed in a sex ed discussion series?
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Is there a specific gap in sex-ed on campus that you believe should be addressed?
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Are you confident that the sponsors of this series can provide a safe and open environment?
If you have safety or confidentiality concerns, what steps can the sponsors take to help provide a safe, welcoming environment?
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Do you have any specific concerns regarding the creation of a sex ed discussion series?
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What's A Good Name For This New SEX Ed Series?!?
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Anything else we should know?
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