Vermont Orchard and Vineyard COVID-19 Mutual Aid Signup
We are a small community of Vermont apple and grape growers with similar management and labor needs that may be disrupted by the COVIS-19 pandemic.
Data collected through this form will be available to identify your farm needs and potential growers with similar needs and capacities to ensure coverage should farmers or farmworkers be affected by COVID-19.

THE INFORMATION IN THIS FORM IS PUBLICLY AVAILABLE. Do not enter information in this form that you consider sensitive or that you would not want available to the general public.

Offers of mutual aid come with the usual caveats, that volunteers will not be held liable for crop loss or damage, all applicable laws must be followed, and farms must provide safe working conditions for anyone helping on their farms. This is an emergency list, not a jobs board.

If you have any questions, please contact me at:
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Are you a VT licensed pesticide applicator?
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Are you available to help apply orchard or vineyard sprays to other growers if needed?
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Does your farm need backup coverage for spray operation in the event that you or your workers is ill?
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How many acres may need spraying at any one time?
Do you use H2A labor on your farm?
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Do you have H2A-approved housing that may serve as a quarantine space for affected workers, under the assumption that your neighbors may be able to provide space to help segregate healthy from sick worker, too?
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