Kids + Family Support
We would love to be able to support, encourage and spur on families, parents and kids as best we can through this season. In order to do that, we would appreciate your feedback on what your families greatest needs are just now, and any thoughts towards what forms of support you would most appreciate through this season.
What are your greatest needs as a parent right now?
What are the greatest needs of your children just now?
What are your greatest needs as a family in this season?
What could Catalyst Kids + Family Life Ministries do to best support your family in this time?
Of the following ideas to support and encourage families, which would you most appreciate? (Please note these are just ideas and will only run on basis of demand and team availability)
Thank you for completing this survey!!
Thank you for taking the time to complete this feedback survey. We will weigh the responses from this to help determine what support and encouragement we can provide over the next few months. If you have any further questions, feedback or ideas please contact
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