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What problem are you solving and why is it a problem worth solving? How are you solving it?
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Describe your management team and what makes your team uniquely qualified.
Who are your business advisors?
What is your target market? What specific population(s) of people with autism does your solution target? Who else in the autism community do you expect to serve? How many people do you expect to serve in the first 3 years?
What is your business model?
What is your sales and marketing strategy?
List any current or potential customers.
How much revenue have you brought in in the past year? And how much do you expect to grow revenue in the next year?
Briefly describe key milestones for the company for the next 6 to 12 months.
What is your evidence base? What is your efficacy research strategy and what activities have you already undertaken?
Who are your science advisors?
Who are your competitors? What makes you different? What are the barriers to entry for your market?
What is the current intellectual property position of your company?
How much capital have you raised to date? From what sources, if any, have you raised that capital?
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