2019 Women's March TABLER Sign Up Form
We are so excited to have you participate in our event this year. Please tell us about your group. If you have any questions please email us at admin@santacruzindivisible.org.

This year the organizers of the Women's March have asked Santa Cruz Indivisible to Co-Sponsor the event with them. As part of that, they have asked SCI to coordinate community organizations that would like to have a table at the event.

This year's event will be different than previous years. The March will start at Pacific and Cathcart, go down Pacific, right onto Water Street, and then complete with a large scale Rally at the County Building parking lot area. There will be a lot of room for organizations to table.

Tablers & a call to Action:
Additionally, this year, the March is asking for the groups that table at the event to have a specific call to action for Marchers to come and do on behalf of the organization tabling. The goal is to turn the energy of people attending the March into an action they can take on behalf of an organization they would like to support. If you would like to table, we ask that you have a specific call to action, other than donating money to your cause, that you will provide to interested attendees.

March Wide Action:
All groups that are accepted to Table will also be provided postcards on behalf of the Enough is Enough Voter Project to Save Title IX. We have a goal to have 3000 completed on the day of the March. Postcards will be available at all tables for Marchers to fill out. Tablers will be expected to provide at least 10 ball pens for Marchers to use. This will bring people to your table to fill out a postcard and also learn about what work your organization does in the community.

Tabling Expense:
The tabling opportunity will be free of charge and you will be responsible for providing your own equipment - Table, pop up tent, chairs, etc. - The March will not be providing any equipment. You will be provided a 10x10 space.

Banner Sponsorships:
If you would like to have your logo on the Banner at the head of the March, contact Cynthia Hawthorne: kacima@cruzio.com for further information.

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For the March for 2019, we are asking groups who are tabling to have a tangible Call to Action to provide the Marchers who have attended. These calls to action have a clear definition including why, what, where, when, who, etc. Example: "Contact Congressman Panetta's offices to provide support for "X" issue, and to encourage him to vote in favor. Here is the contact information, suggested text to use, etc." Or "On January 27th, volunteer at this specific location from 4:00pm to 7:00 pm to help people do X. Sign up here."

We want groups who are tabling to be very specific about the types of action that Marchers can take to apply their Truth and turn it into Power.

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