Wellness Contest
Alliance for a Healthy Generation
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1. How much water should you drink every day?
2. Sports drinks are better for you than water.
3. Is it important to drink water? Write 2 benefits. *
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4. Identify your favorite drink. Is it healthy and why? *
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5. Identify your favorite snack. Is it a healthy snack and why? *
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6. List 3 healthy snacks to bring to school. *
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7. What meal would you consider to be your main meal of the day? Why? *
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8. Teens need how many hours of sleep for good health?
9. Sleep deprived teens perform poorly
10. Achieving quality sleep leads to_______ health, well being, and academic achievement?
11. Children and adolescents who do not get enough sleep have a higher risk of _____ that impair academic achievement?
12. Stress is your body’s reaction to pressure and life ____________ that can make you feel excited or uneasy.
13. Bullying includes physical attacks; emotional or social abuse through verbal or written actions(name calling, teasing, threats, spreading rumors, or excluding someone from a group) can lead to ________.
14. Six to eight hours of sleep; participation in gym, sports, exercises helps one to _______
15. Eating healthy; sleeping well; finding time for fun and relaxation; keeping a journal; helps one to reduce ___________
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