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WCMICS provides Information and Data Management services to our member organisations, to help fulfill our role to encourage collaboration within the WCMICS network, and support evidence-based service development.  
WCMICS receive data files from the Victorian  Data Linkage Unit at the DH, including:
- A Victorian Admitted Episode Dataset (VAED) extract for all cancer patients admitted to our member health services, inclusive of UR number for the purpose of local audits
- A de-identified VAED extract for all cancer patients admitted to any health service in the state of Victoria; ​exclusive of UR number but inclusive of a state-wide ID
- A VCR extract of all cancer notifications submitted to the registry by any of our member health services

Under our Conditions of Release and the WCMICS Memorandum of Understanding, WCMICS have permission to use this data to provide support to our member health services for:
- Ethically approved service and quality improvement activities
- De-identified analyses across WCMICS health services
- High level and de-identified state-wide analyses
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