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While we are excited to begin to slowly open, we are going to continue to offer our curated fair trade Blind Boxes! Our Blind Boxes are a mix of wonderful fair trade products. Boxes range from $35-$100 and include a themed assortment of products from our store that will be a surprise to you. Not only are you continuing to support our artisans, many of whom are also affected by COVID-19, but you're adding some fun to your week!

Please complete this form for each Blind Box you wish to purchase.

While we are not able to promise the exact items in each box, the total value will be greater than the cost of the box. Based on your answers we will do our best to create the best themed mix for you. Once the store reopens, we will allow an exchange for items in the box, but we will not be able to refund your payment. Items will take 3-5 days to be packaged and mailed after your payment is received. While we are offering free standard shipping, if you wish to add a donation to your total, it is always appreciated!

Gift recipients will receive a card in their package letting them know who it is from using the name you provide below. If you would like something different listed, please put it in the notes section.

Payments can be accepted via PayPal or over the phone. In the PayPal notes, please include your name and phone number. Click this link to make a payment paypal.me/TTVAlex or call 703-684-1435 to arrange payment.

If you still have questions, please email Kate at alexandria@tenthousandvillages.com or call/text 574-210-5565
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