Think you are an artist champing at the bit in hot pursuit of an arena of a canvas to transform thy figments of chimeras into an enthralling reality? Cooling your heels for the perfect rostrum to flaunt your artistic poweress? Uncloak the penchant of myriad hues and invoke the crackerjack whiz within you at CHAYAM, brought to you at AAGNEYA'20, organised by Government Engineering College,Bartonhill.

Win prizes worth 6kšŸ¤‘
Date: 14/03/2020
Venue: Govt.Engineering College Bartonhill

šŸ”“Participants should bring all necessary items needed for the competition. Paper will be provided.
šŸ”“Painting medium- Water colour
šŸ”“The topic of the competition will be given by us. Participants will have to draw their interpretation within 2 hours.
šŸ”“The decision of the judges will be final and binding.
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