Miniball Registration Form 2019 - Year 2-6
To avoid training and competition clashes and in order to fulfil the required commitment to their respective teams, the Sports Department strongly advises that Junior School students play no more than two sports codes per season. Please note that students are expected to attend all scheduled training sessions per week for each sport unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Head of the Sport. Failure to do this may result in reduced playing time. Conversely, students who show full commitment to their team by attending all scheduled training sessions, may receive increased playing time.
Dates to know:
This form must be completed by the end of week one as trials will be commencing immediately.

Term 1, Weeks 1-3
Year 2 & 3 - Mondays 4,11,18 February
Year 4 - Tuesdays 4,12,19 February
Year 5 - Thursdays 7,14,21 February
Year 6 - Fridays 8,15,22 February

TRAINING (starting from week 4 once trials are completed)
Training will be held at lunchtime in the Roy Munn Gymnasium.
Mondays – Year 2 and 3
Tuesdays – Year 4
Thursdays – Year 5
Fridays – Year 6

Miniball has two competitions per year. Semester One covers Terms 1 and 2 and Semester Two covers Terms 3 and 4. It is not compulsory for students to have to play all year but most players do and this adds to progressive skills and continuity for teams.

GAMES commence from Tuesday 12 March (2 weeks of grading games first).

Two semesters (Terms 1-2 and 3-4)
All teams train at lunchtimes in the Roy Munn Gym.
Year 2-6 teams play Tuesday nights at the North Shore Event Centre

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Other Assistance
Kristin Miniball needs help in various areas throughout the season. A small amount of your time will help us to continue to run successfully and provide an enjoyable environment for your children. Please indicate if you are able to assist us in any of the following areas.
Parents and/or caregivers etc.
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Season Fees and Costs
SEASON FEES: (covers North Harbour team entry and membership fee plus lunchtime and game coaching)
$240.00 per semester

Years 2 - PE uniform (must be PE shirt - not house shirt)
Years 3-6 - Compulsory numbered miniball singlets ($48.00) and PE shorts

Mouth Guards: ALL players are required to wear a mouth guard when playing competitively. This should be sourced and fitted in advance of games starting.

Coaches are booked based on the number of completed registration forms. You will be responsible for paying ALL term costs once the programme has started, even if you do not complete the full term's lessons.

Do you require a singlet for 2019?
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I give permission for my son/daughter to play Miniball for Kristin School.
Junior School Sports Code of Conduct
As a Kristin sports member:
• I will always listen to my coach and follow instructions
• I will do the activity that my coach requires and strive to achieve my personal best
• I will be on time for practices and games
• I will tell my coach at least two days before practices and matches if I cannot play
• I will play fair at all times
• I will be polite and respectful towards the other team, shake hands with the opposition and respond with a kind comment
• I will use good manners with my team mates, coaches, referees/umpires, manager and supporters
• I will wear the correct Kristin sports uniform with pride
• I will not argue, but respect the referee/umpire
• I will fully commit to all games and practises for this team, as I understand that if I do not show up my team may have to default or be pulled out of the competition

Players who do not adhere to the Code of Conduct will be referred to Mrs Ackroyd by the coach or manager. Continual inappropriate behaviour will result in a stand down period.

As a parent, supporter, or official I have a responsibility to my child and the sporting community to always behave in a positive supportive manner towards all personnel involved in sport, in both Kristin and opposing teams, parents and officials.

Code of Conduct Agreement *
My child and I have read the Junior School Code of Conduct printed here and will abide by it.
Binding Agreement *
I have signed this on my own behalf and on behalf of the student as a parent or in locus parenti. By submitting, I am delivering an electronic signature that will have the same effect as an original manual paper signature. The electronic signature will be equally as binding as an original manual paper signature.
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