Open Letter from Concerned JHU Alumni
Friends and fellow JHU alumni,

Please consider signing and sharing this open letter concerning our alma mater's contracts with ICE and plan to establish an armed police force on campus. You can read more about JHU's police force proposal, contracts with ICE, and treatment of protesters below:

On JHU's ICE contracts:

On JHU's police force plan:

On Wednesday's Garland Occupation arrests:

As alumni, we are in a powerful position to pressure the administration. President Daniels views alumni as crucial future donors and supporters of Johns Hopkins. We initially planned to deliver the letter directly to the President and Board of Trustees on Monday, May 27th, 2019, but given intense interest in the letter, we will keep it open for signatures throughout the week. Once we reach at least 500 signatures, we will publicize the open letter.


Dear President Ronald Daniels, Jeffrey H. Aronson, and the Johns Hopkins University Board of Trustees,

We, alumni of Johns Hopkins University (JHU), condemn the ongoing effort to establish an armed university police force on the Homewood, Peabody, and East Baltimore campuses, and the violent treatment of the peaceful student and community members participating in the JHU Garland Occupation. We pledge to withhold any future donations to the university until our alma mater respects the principles of peaceful dissent and free speech by granting amnesty to JHU Garland Occupation members and negotiating with them in good faith, and affirms a commitment to combating racism and xenophobia by both terminating the private police force proposal and ceasing contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). We expect an alma mater that combats all forms of inequity, rejects initiatives that criminalize and incarcerate, and affirms principles of democratic inclusion. We will not and cannot donate to an institution that uses its funds against these principles.

On April 3rd, 2019, a group of Hopkins students and concerned Baltimore residents assembled peacefully in Garland Hall, the main administrative building on the Homewood campus, to protest the planned police force and the university’s contracts with ICE. These participants articulated three demands: immediately cancel plans to establish an armed police force on campus, terminate Hopkins’ ongoing contracts with ICE, and join in calls to demand justice for university police murder victim Tyrone West. For 36 days, sit-in participants consistently called upon President Daniels and Provost Kumar to negotiate the proposed plan and contracts. Rather than engage in a good-faith effort to negotiate, President Daniels instead chose to arrest the protesters early Wednesday, May 8th, 2019—a choice that threatened the protesters’ safety, and contradicts the university’s philosophical commitment to open discourse. These students now face potential academic repercussions because of their actions if they do not cease protesting, a clear attempt to retaliate against members of the JHU Garland Occupation.

University police forces have time and again committed acts of violence against people of color in their attempts to secure the safety of university campuses—acts that we will not tolerate on our alma mater campus. The deaths of Tyrone West near Morgan State University and Sam DuBose at the University of Cincinnati, and the serious injuries inflicted on Charles Thomas at the University of Chicago and Stephanie Washington near Yale University should be warning enough that the mere presence of an armed police force on a university campus is dangerous. Ronald Daniels argues that better training will ensure the Hopkins force is an exception to these cases. But this statement ignores the power disparities of a majority white university in a majority black city, decades of history, rigorous social-scientific evidence, and Baltimore residents' own lived experiences. We are further concerned that such a police force would be accountable solely to JHU administrators and trustees rather than to Baltimore’s residents. This concern is shared by countless students and politicians, including Maryland Senators Mary Washington and Jill P. Carter, who introduced oversight measures into the Senate bill responsible for the private police force authorization. Many of these oversight measures were voted down.

Johns Hopkins’ contracts with ICE are an implicit endorsement of contemporary xenophobic fervor. These contracts necessarily implicate the university in ICE’s violent separation of migrant families and inhumane detention of those who seek asylum in the United States. They also contradict President Ronald Daniels’ and Provost Sunil Kumar’s prior commitment to “advocate vigorously” to protect the university’s DACA students. In September 2017, the President and Provost publicly denounced the Trump administration’s move to end the Dreamer program, stating that such a move would “create anxiety and insecurity in the lives of those who were raised in America and are pursuing the American ideal of bettering themselves, their families, and their communities.” Such vehement opposition to the Trump Administration’s intended rollback of DACA is incongruous with the university’s current relationship with the agency. We ask: How can the university hold true to this commitment when it is itself supporting an institution that is responsible for the anxiety and insecurity of thousands of migrants and asylum-seekers across the country?

We urge President Daniels and the Board of Trustees to end these dangerous commitments to extend the presence of armed police officers in Baltimore and to maintain contracts with ICE, and to instead consider restorative modes of engaging with the city’s residents. Johns Hopkins’ relationship with the city of Baltimore and its residents is historically and contemporaneously fraught. Our hope is that the university can transform this troubling moment into an opportunity to repair rather than perpetuate further harm.

With concern,

Alumni of Johns Hopkins University

Mollie Cueva-Dabkoski, KSAS '17
Anna Wherry, KSAS '14
Sasmira Matta, WSE '17
Alex Sadler, KSAS '17
Tim Shieh, KSAS '18
Emeline Armitage, KSAS '18
John Sweeney, KSAS '17
Kavya Vaghul, KSAS ‘13
William Krause, KSAS '17
Corey Payne, KSAS '17
Shayer Chowdhury, WSE ‘14
Phillips Mitchell, KSAS ‘13
Rachel Viqueira, JHSPH '17
Nazia Rahman, JHSPH '19
Jilliann Pak, KSAS ‘18
Madelyn Goodman, KSAS '16
Rex Dyer, KSAS ‘17
Michelle Yang, KSAS '18
Megan Kenny, Institute for Policy Studies '11
William Viqueira, Class of 1986 and 1987
Claudia Scholz, Sociology PhD, '04
Emily Borst, WSE '17
Daniel S Pasciuti, KSAS '13
Ann Walker [Kennedy], Continuing Studies (Education), '93
Maggie Weese, KSAS '17
Bret McCabe, KSAS '94
Tarini Konchady, KSAS ‘17
Rebecca Glowinski, WSE '17
Danielle Blustein, KSAS ‘17
James Stroud, WSE ‘17
Cristina Garrido, KSAS '17
Gabriela Rico, KSAS ‘18
Faith Maya A. Owhonda, KSAS ‘17
Paul Tershakovec, WSE '14, MIEF '18
Aravind Menon, KSAS '15 and '16
Noor Khalil, KSAS '16
Ivana Gutierrez, KSAS ‘16
Sirtaj Singh, KSAS '16, JHSPH '18
Jonathan Liu, KSAS '16, JHSPH '17
Quinn Salditch, WSE ‘17
Galen Shi, KSAS '17
Ruchi Gondalia, WSE ‘16
Kaetlyn Bernal, KSAS ‘18
Sophia Geffen, JHSPH ‘19
Alexander Crits-Christoph, KSAS '16
Kimberly Williams Shorter, KSAS ‘11
Erik Schmalbach, KSAS '14
Rollin Hu, KSAS, '19
Diamond Hale, KSAS ‘16, JHSPH ‘17
Gimena Sanchez, SAIS, '99
Mina Farag, KSAS ‘16
Eric Kang, KSAS '17
Jill Hakim, KSAS '16
Yitong Mona Jia, KSAS '17
Susan Guralnick, KSAS '81
Sidnei A McCrea, KSAS '16 2016
Jason Spicer KSAS '96
Rosanne Stafiej, KSAS '96
Carlene Partow, KSAS 2016
Jonathan Brown, KSAS ‘17
Tariro Makoni, KSAS ‘18
Kristin Plys KSAS '07
Tamuz Avivi, KSAS ‘17
Grace McClintock, KSAS '16
Austin Coye, KSAS, 2016
Kierra Foley, KSAS, ‘14
Graeme Steller, WSE ‘17
Mark Belinsky, KSAS '06
Vitaly Lorman, KSAS (PhD) '16
Rebecca Van Voorhees, KSAS '17
Neil Mallinar, WSE '16
Ezekiel Goodman, KSAS ‘17
Eliza Schultz, KSAS '15
Serra Hakyemez, KSAS (PhD) ‘16
Erica Taicz Blandón, KSAS '16
Evan Garber, KSAS '18
Naganavya Ravoori, KSAS’18
Irene Pang, KSAS ‘09
Andrew Ingersoll, KSAS '17
William Anderson KSAS '18
Eleanor Lasch, KSAS ‘16
William Kirsch, KSAS ‘18
Oluwayemisi Danmola, KSAS ’15
Emily Feinberg, KSAS ‘12
Audrey M. Adams, KSAS, ‘18
Rebecca Grenham, KSAS '16, SAIS '17
Brooke Jarrett, JHSPH '17
Caitlin Fuchs-Rosner, KSAS ‘13
Henri Garrison-Desany, JHSPH '18
Nicole Pagane, KSAS ‘19
Matthias Gompers, KSAS '19
Naomi Bouchard-Gordon, KSAS ‘16
Nicole Aschoff, KSAS '10
Karina Castano Munoz, WSE 17
Nancy Radigan-Hoffman, KSAS ‘12
Sarah Braver, KSAS '17
Karen Bryson, KSAS '18
Victoria Li, KSAS ‘18
Sean Thompson, KSAS ‘17
Taylor Washington, KSAS '18
Nicole Pagane, KSAS ‘19
Abigael Collins, KSAS ‘16
Ian O'Connor-Giles, KSAS '19
Andrew Landau, Peabody, '16
Aurel Malapani, KSAS '18
Chelsea Gaviola, KSAS '14
Peter Kalugin, KSAS ‘15
Jordan Britton KSAS '18
Tyler Adamson, JHSPH '19
Amber Wagner Gaines, SOE, ‘07
Michelle Miano, KSAS ‘07
Tatiahna Rivera Rodriguez, KSAS '13
Andrew Tsai, WSE ‘17
Morgan Marc, KSAS '18
Katelyn Koons, WSE '16
Alex Rittenhouse KSAS '18
Jessa Wais, KSAS ‘18
Emily Herman, KSAS '17
Jane Morris, KSAS '17
George Danforth, KSAS '17
Hana Chop, KSAS '18
Quenton Bubb, KSAS '16
Jon Smeton, KSAS '14
Amelia Mackenzie, JHSPH '12
Kendall Reitz, KSAS ‘18
Muhammad Hudhud, KSAS ‘17, JHSPH ‘18
Margaret Kupitz, KSAS 2018
Danait Yemane, KSAS 2017
Brooke-Logann Williams, KSAS ‘15
Tyler Dougherty, KSAS '13
Darin Johnson, KSAS '17
Tashi Rowe, KSAS ‘10
Emily McGavisk, WSE 2013
Saba Rouhani, JHSPH, '18
Rachel Cohen, KSAS '14
Jessica Levy, KSAS ‘18
Brian Barone, Peabody '11/'13
Alexandra Rachel Greenberg, KSAS '14, JHSPH '16
Kevin Wang, KSAS ‘13
Juliana Vigorito, KSAS ‘16, JHSPH ‘19
Alexandra Devenport, JHSPH '19
Nadya Kronis, KSAS '17
Cristine Kumar, KSAS '16
Genevieve Ott KSAS ‘17
Alexis Toliver KSAS 2015
Grace Golden, KSAS '16
Emily Schuster, A&S ‘98
Elizabeth Norford, KSAS ‘17
Sadie A WSE ‘17
Jimena Castellanos Aguirre KSAS ‘16, JHSPH ‘19
Mary Veronica Reardon, KSAS '17
Sandhya Jha, BA '98
Evan Kim, KSAS '17
Marion Schmidt, SOM 2016
Madeleine King, KSAS, 2017
Rebecca Rivera, WSE ‘17
Mohamed Abdirizak, SAIS 2000
Talia Stewart 2014
Ruth Marie Landry, KSAS 2017
Sunwoo Kim, KSAS 2017
Diane Horvath, JHSPH ‘15
Maria Isabel Barboza, SAIS ‘99
Brandon Block, KSAS '17
Kristen Lineback, KSAS '17
Mary Veronica Reardon, KSAS '17
Andrew Matschiner, School of Education, 2013 & 2106
Andrew Backer, WSE, ‘17
Caroline Preziosi, KSAS '17
Kwame Alston, KSAS ‘18
Claire Ruberman, JHSPH '18
Lauren Abrahams ‘16
Lyndsey Starks, KSAS ‘13
Elisabetta Hobbins, KSAS ‘17
Jacqueline Piper Sheren KSAS '17
Yuqing Zhu, KSAS '17
Kayla Ghantous, KSAS '18
Andrew Greenhalgh, KSAS ‘17
Rebecca Miller, WSE '17
Alexandra Hirsch, KSAS ‘17
James-Henry Courteau, KSAS '17
Elyse Oliver, KSAS ‘17
Ariadne Villegas, KSAS, 2017
Rachel Demma, KSAS ‘17
Cera Hassinan, KSAS ‘17
Gauri Bhatnagar KSAS ‘17
Demy Alfonso, KSAS, 2017
Sukhee Ramawickrama, SON ‘18
Hana Clemens, KSAS ‘18
Inés Botto, KSAS ‘18
Allan Massie WSE '98, JHSPH '08, JHSPH '12
Arturo Brito WSE ‘17
Katherine Robinson, KSAS, ‘14
Katherine Couch, KSAS '17
Isaac Nemzer, WSE '17
J. Bradley Bowers, KSAS ‘17
Lauren Menendez, KSAS ‘15
Tom Bernstein, WSE ‘16
Elizabeth Rha, KSAS '15
Anke Ehlert, KSAS'15
Margaret Chow, WSE, 2014
Hannah Zimmerman, KSAS, '15
Trisha Ahmed, KSAS '18
Ian Hooley, WSE 2015
Lucy Delgado, KSAS, ‘17
Ian Colrick, KSAS ‘16 JHSPH ‘18
Sofia Arruda, KSAS, ‘15
Logan Bronson, KSAS '15
Alice Ferreira White, '18
Minji Kim, KSAS '18
Girija Hariprasad, KSAS ‘17
Julian Hurtado, WSE '17
Glen Smith, WSE, 2017
Lalita Ganti, KSAS '17
Andy Kim, KSAS '17
Crystal Lee, KSAS, ‘17
Eduardo Alvarado, KSAS ‘15
Rohit Iyer, KSAS '17
Pratyusha Bujimalla, KSAS ‘17
Colin Huang, KSAS '17
Tiffany Onyejiaka, KSAS '17
Taylor Veracka, KSAS, 2018
Tiffany Chen, KSAS, '17
Grace 'Gray' Hargrove, KSAS '17
Anthea Harvey-Brown, KSAS, '18
Jisoo Bae, KSAS '17
Simidele Davis, KSAS '18
Lydia DuBois, KSAS ‘18
Samantha Igo, KSAS, '18
Michael Bain, WSE, '17
Breanna Johnson, WSE '17
Christianne Marguerite, KSAS, '17
Peter D Verheyen, KSAS, '85
Hannah P Cowley, KSAS 2018
Joshua Hughes, KSAS ‘17
Noah Wheeler, JHSPH, '17
Elena Hirsch, KSAS ‘17
Anne Hollmuller, KSAS ‘18
Karimatu Kallon, KSAS, '19
Winston Jin, KSAS ‘17
Saakshi Suri, KSAS ‘17
Daniela Barrio, KSAS '18, JHSPH '19
Dikshant Malla, KSAS, 17
Rawnag Abdelaziz, KSAS, 2017
Nymisha Nimmagadda, KSAS’16
Emily Hadley, WSE, '17
Aamir Ali, KSAS '17
Francisco Villa Jr., KSAS '16
Adarsha Malla, WSE ‘17
Daniel Worstell, WSE '16
Keahnan Washington, KSAS '06, JHSPH '08
Lakyn Mayo, WSE '18
James Kane, KSAS ‘01
Olivia Seideman, KSAS ‘16
Julie Liu, KSAS’17
Jennifer Lee, KSAS ‘16
Irene Vargas, KSAS, ‘16
Katherine Hein, KSAS ‘15, JHSPH ‘16
Sina Fahimi ‘18 WSE
Amna Ali, WSE ‘18
Joshua Bertalotto, KSAS ‘18
Courtney Finkbeiner, KSAS '17
Michael Shang, KSAS ‘18
Nicolás Wirth, WSE ‘14
Tyana Warren, KSAS ‘17
Sun Jin 'Emily' Kim, WSE '18
Nathaniel Green, KSAS '17
Lee Crofton Douthitt, Graduate School of Education, '07
Christine Adib, WSE '18
Raychel Santo, KSAS ‘14
Alessandra Villarreal, KSAS '14
Linda Tchernyshyov, KSAS '11
Kirill Tchernyshyov, KSAS '16
Jonathan Kim, KSAS, 2016
Amelie Nkodo, KSAS '15, KSAS '19
Mathieu Boulad, KSAS '14
Elana Movshovich, KSAS, ‘17
Mengli Shi, WSE, 2016
Edan Morales, KSAS '16
Naomi Leeds, KSAS '17
Kyung Hwa Kim, KSAS’17
Elaine Carpenter, KSAS '16
Hannah E. Jones, KSAS '18
James Keiler, KSAS '17
Christian Garcia Hernandez KSAS ‘17
Alexander Horn, WSE '13
Jose Pulido, KSAS '16
Leila Kassiri, WSE '18
Anna Grothe, SOE '14
Samuel Kerans, KSAS '18
Alex Hurowitz, KSAS '15
Ayesha Durrani, KSAS '18
Nina Modanlo, KSAS '17
Kyle Fritz, WSE ‘07
Leila Kassiri, WSE '18
Samuel Kerans, KSAS '18
Alex Hurowitz, KSAS '15
Ayesha Durrani, KSAS '18
Nina Modanlo, KSAS '17
Kyle Fritz, WSE ‘07
Niharika Malviya, KSAS, '18
Naina Rao, WSE '18
Upāsikā tree turtle (MA), KSAS '94
Quan Bui, WSE ‘18
Jessica Johns, JHSPH 2015
Megan Morrow, KSAS '15
Samuel Workman, KSAS, '17
Kiara Ott, KSAS '15, JHSPH '16
Victoria Cross, JHSPH, '17
Meredith Zoltick, School of Nursing '15
Ilana Malkin, KSAS, ‘17
Eileen Yu, KSAS '18
Gillian Waldo, KSAS '18
Aaron Chang, WSE, '14
John McLaughlin, KSAS '17
Will Matteson, KSAS '18
Breanna Dance, KSAS '13 and JHSPH '15
Maysa Elsheikh, KSAS '16
Aaron Chang, WSE, '14
Dr. Brandie Makeba Cross, PhD & JHSOM 2013
Maegan McBride, JHSPH '19
Jeremy Tsao, WSE, '17
Amira Rose Davis, KSAS (PHD) ‘17
Nicole D. Porter, KSAS 2000
Poonam Daryani, JHSPH '17
Rosalind Dempsey, WSE '16
Aravinda Pillalamarri, School of Arts & Sciences, 1991
Akshita Siddula, JHSPH, 2018
Channing Kimble-Brown, WSE '17/'18
Poonam Gupta, KSAS '18
Carlos Aizenman, School of Medicine (PhD) '00
Daniel Radwan, MPH, MBA ‘18
Olivia Lindenberg, KSAS '17
Virajita David, KSAS '07
Georgios Dimitrios Telonis, KSAS, '07
Thomas Brazelton, KSAS '18
Eric M. Fink, Arts & Science (BA) 1984
Seola Lee, KSAS ‘14
Neha Reddy, JHSPH '19
Ming Liu, JHSPH ‘17
Lauren Elise Villone, KSAS '18
Fabian Bauwens, KSAS, 2015
Eliza Vasconcellos Skosnik, KSAS ‘12
Katie Thorpe Blaha, KSAS, ‘07
Aachal Devi, JHSPH, 17
Anna Wesche, KSAS ‘18
Kinu Johnson, KSAS ‘15
Elizabeth Maylack, KSAS ‘08
Yvonne Paige Robles, JHSPH ‘17
Jimmy Su, WSE ‘14
Lydia Alcock, KSAS '12
Chalynette Martinez-Martinez, KSAS '19
Nicolas Valazza, KSAS, '09
Andrew Brandel, KSAS, '09
Grace McClain, JHSPH ‘17
Tarik Najeddine, KSAS '05
Brandon R. Weber, KSAS '14
Chiara Valle, KSAS '15
Joel Pally, KSAS, '15
June H Kim, KSAS '10
Emily Lerman, JHSPH '15
Sophia Grossman, KSAS '13
Ellen Seymour JHSPH and SON, 2018
Faradia Kernizan, KSAS '12
Ashraful Islam, JHSPH, ‘19
Lindsay Chestnut, SOE '12
Jahanzaib Idrees, 2018
Tina A. Seidu, KSAS ‘14, JHSPH ‘15
Marysol Encarnación, JHU ‘16 & JHSPH ‘18
Leila Mashouf, KSAS, ‘17
Samantha Collado, KSAS ‘09
Emily Daly, KSAS, '10
Rachel Dellon, KSAS ‘05
Paige (Zeller) Stevenson, KSAS '04
Joshua Garoon, JHSPH '04, '09
Joseph G. Rosen, JHSPH ‘18
Marion Schmidt, SOM '16
Megan Swanson, KSAS ‘07
Michelle Lampart KSAS ‘14, MSEd ’19
James M. Hughes, KSAS, '16
Claire Cunliffe, SOE 2018
Fareeha Waheed, SOE, 2016
Heidi Dworin, SOE '10
Amber Qureshi, SOE '15
Jeffrey Lordi, SOE '13
Tobias Huttner, KSAS 2016
Mia Capobianco, KSAS ‘17
Brandon J Yu WSE'18
Lauren Stettz KSAS 2018
Staci Taustine, SoE ‘13
Bryan Gustafson, KSAS '18
VIincent Wu, WSE '18
Claire Gray, KSAS, '18
Jasmine Malhi, KSAS '18
Yamini Patibandla, KSAS ‘18
Nicolas Eng, WSE, ‘18
Siavash Parkhideh, WSE '17
Mariela Pinedo KSAS ‘12, JHSPH ‘17
Hannah Farkas, KSAS ‘17
Chase Alston, KSAS ‘17, JHSPH ‘18
Clarissa Chen, KSAS 2018
Isabella So, KSAS '16
Meghan Riordan, SOE ‘14
Talia Schulder KSAS ‘18
Carolina Salmeron , JHSPH ‘17
Ben Ramsay, WSE, ‘18
Benjamin Gellman, WSE '18
Anna Le, SOE, 2016
Jasmine Okafor, KSAS ‘18
Eli Anders, SOM, 2017
Julia Cummiskey, SOM ‘17
Lucas Duffy, WSE ‘18
Benita Pursch, KSAS '16
Maleka Walker, KSAS 2019
Maximilian Marshall, WSE, ‘16
Ayesha Shibli, KSAS '17
Judah Adashi, Peabody '02/'11
Lavena Johanson, Peabody '13
Lance McCoy, KSAS 2013, SOE 2014
Megha Sharma Sehdev, KSAS '18
Hitomi Koyama, KSAS '15
Christine Rutkowski, SON '97
Chitra Venkataramani, KSAS, 2015
Sameena A Mulla, KSAS 2008
Srinadh Madhavapeddi, WSE, 1998
Amitabha Bagchi, WSE, 2002
Bican Polat, KSAS (PhD) ‘16
Hester Betlem, KSAS ‘12
Divya Singh KSAS'08
Sameer Jadhav, WSE '04
Andrew Bush, KSAS ‘14
Bhavitha Kotha, KSAS, 2018
Kaetan Vyas, KSAS '14
Courtney Colwell, KSAS, '18
Emily Nink, KSAS 2014
Oliver McNeely, KSAS '14
Sonal Chatter, KSAS ‘14
Eva Pekle, KSAS '14
Aaron Begg KSAS '20
Miguel I. Dorante, WSE ‘14
Blake Adams, KSAS AAP '15
Emily Markert, KSAS ‘14
Aditi Saraf, KSAS '16
Brendan McFadden, SOE '15
Elyse J Thulin, KSAS '13
Jason Harary, KSAS '12
Ammar Khalid, SAIS '18
Hannah Bunkin, KSAS ‘16
Kristina Hallez, KSAS '13
Jonathan Beardsley, KSAS '16
Laura Quigley, KSAS '12
Vidya Gondalia, KSAS ‘14
Neha Kay, KSAS, '17
Sonal Sharda KSAS’17, JHSPH’19
Christie Okoye KSAS ‘18
Camilla S Dohlman, KSAS '17
Hannah P. Melton - KSAS 2017
Tess Fields, KSAS, ‘17
Annapurna Vadaparty, KSAS '18
Aleexsan Adal, WSE '18
Caroline Liu, KSAS 2017, JHSPH 2018
Victoria Yee, WSE ‘19
Sarah Manning, KSAS ‘17
Danielle Matusiak WSE ‘17 and ‘18
Anya Chen, KSAS '18
Mckenna Tierney KSAS 2016
Kathryn Lee, JHSPH ‘16
Sabina Tilevitz, KSAS ‘18
Margaret donahue, KSAS ‘18
Rebecca McLaren, SPH '13 and SOM '15
Alizay Jalisi, KSAS’18
Jamie Mingi Park, KSAS'18
Amy Hong, KSAS'19
Rira Choi, WSE '19
Victor Evangelista KSAS '19
Mariana Baroni, KSAS’19
Marissa Varnado, KSAS '19
Kristie Sun, KSAS ‘19
Alexandria Yu, KSAS '19
Nisita Dutta, WSE ‘19
Celia Freed, KSAS’19
Yaretson Carmenate, KSAS ‘19
Theo Cooper, KSAS ‘19
Evelyn Yeh, WSE ‘18
Sebastian Mendez, KSAS '19
Lily Olson, KSAS 2019
Elysia Chou, WSE '19
Alexandra Botzum, KSAS ‘19
Teresa Lee, WSE '19
Margaret Dearey, KSAS ‘19
Giovanna Molina, KSAS '19
Jacqueline Martin ‘19
Laura Chicos, WSE '19
Whitney Amanga, KSAS '19
Marcia Zimmerman KSAS ‘19
Willa Dong, JHSPH '12
Samantha Gomes, KSAS '19
Shreya Singireddy, KSAS ‘19
Teo Icliyurek, KSAS '19
Margaret Dearey, KSAS 2019
Reily Gibson, KSAS ‘19
Alexandra Lehman, KSAS '19
Beverly Rivero, '05
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