Moderators for Papers and Lightning Talks for MLA '17
The MLA '17 Contributed Content Working Group is seeking moderators for paper and lightning talk sessions during MLA '17. Please consider volunteering as a moderator.

If you are interested in serving as a moderator, please fill out this application form by Monday, February 20, at noon Eastern time.

Papers, lightning talks, and Special Content Sessions will be presented during four Program Session times; during each Program Session, eight rooms will simultaneously include programming. MLA '17 will include 17 paper sessions and 3 lightning talk sessions.

We will select 20 moderators who will introduce presenters, help presenters follow time limits, and ensure questions from the audience are gathered and responded to by presenters. Moderators will receive a point applicable to the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP) credentialing program. Moderators must register for the MLA '17 conference.
Moderators do NOT receive any compensation, registration discounts, or assistance with travel costs.

Detailed guidelines on moderator duties will be given to all selected moderators in March 2017.

Please feel free to contact Emily Vardell, Section Council Liaison to NPC '17, with questions or any concerns by emailing

Thank you for your interest in serving as a moderator!
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What is the name of your institution? If not included in the name, please include the city, province/state name, and country name. *
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Are you a member of MLA? *
If an MLA member, to which sections or SIGs do you currently belong? Please list all.
For which sessions time slots would you be willing to moderate? Select all. *
You may NOT moderate a session in which you are presenting. Moderators must stay in their assigned room for the entire session (you may not leave and view another presentation). Please examine your personal schedule for MLA '17, including any presentations you are giving, before selecting the sessions.
These sessions are on a very rigid schedule. Papers are limited to 14 minutes each, with 5 talks per session. Lightning talks are limited to 5 minutes each, with 15 talks per session. It is absolutely critical that the moderator strictly enforces these time constraints. With this in mind, if you are selected as a moderator, what would be one strategy you could use to ensure that presenters adhere to their allotted time limit? *
If there are particular medical librarian topics about which you feel you'd be particularly adept at moderating a panel, please list the topics here:
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