RSVP: Tell UC to Say NO to Religious Restrictions on Health Care
On January 28, 2020 a University of California working group released a report on affiliations between UC Health and other health systems. The report includes proposed guidelines that will be voted on by the UC Regents in May.

Last year, the UC community and the public strongly opposed UCSF’s effort to enter into an extensive affiliation that would have placed religious restrictions on UC providers and patients. Despite this opposition, UC Health leadership is now seeking to institutionalize the same type of problematic affiliation throughout the UC system. The fact is: UC providers cannot practice evidence-based medicine in facilities operating under Catholic rules. These facilities harm and discriminate against patients by denying them comprehensive reproductive and LGBTQ-inclusive care.

UC Health is the fourth largest health care provider in California. It is the training ground for half of California's medical students and residents. As a public entity, it must remain free of religious influence. As a national leader in promoting comprehensive reproductive and LGBTQ-inclusive health care, it must stand up for its stated values, and the values of our communities.

The report includes two options, one supported by UC Health leadership and another by UC faculty members on the working group who believe that UC’s values and policies stand in opposition to affiliation with discriminatory entities. The Regents will adopt one of these options or something in between, and will make their decision soon!

RSVP below to speak out at the Regents meeting! We will send you more details as the event gets closer.

You can also sign the petition from UC campus leaders to demand UC’s accountability! Follow the link here:

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