Kilimanjaro Climber Survey
Please share your experience of climbing Kilimanjaro with us by completing this form.

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Expedition Information
Climbing Company Name *
Chief Guide's Name *
Date of Climb Start *
Starting the first day on the mountain.
Date of Climb Completion *
Finishing the last day on the mountain.
Number of Climbers *
Total number of 'guest' climbers within your party (those paying to climb and being supported by the guides and porters).
Route Taken *
Please select the route taken to climb, if not present below, use the 'Other' option and add the route name.
Porter Welfare
Did your porters have proper clothing? *
For guidelines of what constitutes proper clothing: Were they likely warm and protected at all times while climbing?
Did you leave a tip for your porters? *
Who did you give the tip to? *
Did you announce the tip amount in front of the crew? *
What would you suggest to improve porter treatment and conditions?
Do you have any other comments about the treatment of your porters?
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