2020-2021 HMS Schedule Change Request
*All request forms for current students are due by Friday, August 14, 2020.

* Visual Arts is not being offered as a credit course for this school year.

*Students placed in accelerated classes (Math and English) were scheduled based on lists given by administration. These lists were based on test averages from last year, CASE 21 scores from last year, and/or teacher recommendations. Any teacher schedule change must be approved by administration.

*Band/Choir/Sports schedule changes must be approved by that teacher. Please contact that teacher and communicate with them your wishes to add/drop that elective course. Once the teacher emails the counselors, the schedule will be changed.

*In-School Tutorial is study hall.

* Physical Education (PE) is required by the MDE. If your child is not enrolled in PE, it is because they are enrolled in Band/Choir which can count towards that course according to guidelines from MDE.

Every effort has been made to meet your student's request for classes. In some cases, the preferred electives were offered at the same time or were not offered at a time your student could take the course due to other scheduling conflicts with his/her academic classes. Priority will be given to schedules with errors OR if classes have been left off.

In order to request a schedule change, students/parents must complete this form. The counselors will review your child's schedule as soon as possible and make the requested changes if possible. Please read carefully and state which course you would like to drop and which course you would like to add. The counselors will contact the student with a new schedule if/when changes are made.

Not all requests will be honored as there may be situations where schedule changes are not possible or classes are full. Continue to follow your current schedule until you get a revised copy from the counseling office. Parents must complete the following information- not the student. We ask that parents provide a phone number and email address for follow up.
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