Emergency Foster Application
Thank you for offering to emergency foster an animal for us! Your help is invaluable to our staff, and the animals under our care. By completing the form below with as much detail as possible, we will be able to appropriately match one of our animals in need with your home and lifestyle. Please understand it may take several days for a member of our foster department to contact you to schedule a pick-up appointment. Due to the nature of the situation, we ask that you please do not show up without an appointment to pick-up a foster animal.
As an emergency foster, we are asking for a 3-4 week commitment, barring any situations rendering you physically unable to continue providing care for the animal, or any situation in which any animal or member of the home is in danger by having the foster animal stay. Will you be available to commit for this length of time? *
Are you currently a foster parent for AHS? (Please select 'yes' if you have previously completed a standard foster application, regardless of whether or not you have actually taken a foster animal for us yet)
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What is the best way to contact you?
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Do you have a partner/roommate you would like us to put down as a second contact regarding your foster animal? If so, please provide their full name, phone number, AND email address. *
Are you interested in fostering a dog or a cat? Select all that apply. (Please note our priority is placing dogs 50lbs and above and adult cats into foster homes) *
Are you comfortable taking a foster animal who may need some mild medical care during its stay? (I.e. - post-op animals, animals with skin conditions, animals with species-specific upper respiratory infections, etc) *
Does your home have children (either living in the home or frequently visiting)? If so, how many, and what are their ages? *
Please describe any other pets in the home. *
If you are interested in fostering a dog, what is your activity level? *
If you're interested in fostering a cat, what is the activity level of your home? *
Asheville Humane Society's foster program can provide you will any necessary care supplies, such as food, toys, bedding, crates, litter box & litter, etc. What supplies would you need to be sent home with? *
Do you have a space to quarantine the foster animal, should it become sick during its stay in foster? (Quarantine is described as an area that prevents any direct contact with other animals and is easily able to be disinfected) *
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