Game Developers Guide to Shoot 'em ups: The Submission form!
A quick note: To submit an image or another form of document, please provide a google drive or google doc link.

The Game Developers Guide to Shoot 'em ups is a community-driven resource for game developers making Shoot 'em ups. The goal is to provide a resource that is created and curated by the community, for the community, that can help both new and veteran developers in making SHMUPS. This submission form will allow you to contribute to the resource. It can be as simple as a rule about game design you have figured out during your time making shmups, to as complex as a fully-fledged tutorial. Before submitting, make sure you own all rights to the content contained in your submission.

After you submit, your submission will go through a review process. Please allow up to one week for an email confirming the status of your submission.

If you submit a text-only submission, it may be altered slightly. This can include:

Changing names to hyperlinks
Spellcheck and Grammar changes
Minor alterations to format

For this reason, please provide editing access to your original document. Don't worry, it won't be published as an editable document. This is purely in an attempt to keep a standard of quality throughout all documents and submissions. If you have an issue with any edits made, please contact me directly and I will help sort things out.
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