What are you struggling with in terms of food, fat discrimination, cravings, intuitive eating, mindfulness, yoga, self-esteem, compassion, etc? 
If you do use this link, please go into specific detail. I will try to tailor the upcoming content to meet your specific needs and questions.  Your answers will remain confidential and anonymous.

I will pick the most frequently requested topic to create upcoming content. I may not specifically cover your topic. However, I will do my best to answer your question no matter what and validate that you have been heard.

Of course, please also just feel free to email me directly jared@eatingenlightenment.com, or txt 614-385-3455, with ideas on future content. I try to save my time so I can best serve clients, so I won't go into any advice giving or question answering in your email thread. But I will reply and validate what you're going through in some way.

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