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Please fill this out the best you can and we will finalize details once closer. We will help you along the way, this is just to get a vision and enough to get things started/reserved. Thank you! (and for reference, here are links to a few of our past events to get the wheels turning:, or
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Though several people may assist in planning, please let us know who the event lead or main contact will be.
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Please provide the name or description of your group and years of those who will be invited. (E.g. Basketball alumni 1975-1976, Nursing class of 1966 or Living Legends of all time, Former Study Body Officers Social Chapter)
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Purpose of the event/Format
Please let us know if you are celebrating something special like a milestone of "20 year reunion" or if a beloved professor is retiring, etc. Formal, casual, speaker, lecture, dinner, etc.
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Please let us know when you would like your event to take place, specific dates, sports season or month if it's flexible. (E.g. Basketball season, July 21st or Homecoming, etc.)
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Event Time/Tentative Schedule & Program *
Please provide a tentative schedule of events/program as well as your vision of events and activities. (E.g. Formal Friday night dinner and speaker around 6:00 p.m., golf Saturday morning, family picnic in the afternoon 1:00 p.m.) and/or if you would like a group ticket window for any campus events (e.g. Group of football seats together)
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Preferred Event Location *
Where will your event be taking place? If on BYU campus, would you like us to reserve a space on campus for you? If so, do you have a location preference or is availability on your date more important? If in the Hinckley Center, please review this link: (we can assist with reservations - if you would prefer to do so directly, please let us know)
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Room layout *
What audience is invited?
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How many do you anticipate attending? *
Is this event just for alumni from your group, or are spouses/a guest or families invited? Please provide a general estimate of how many may attend in other if unsure.
Please mark the resources we offer below that you would like to use. *
We plan to assist with any/all, but if you prefer to use your own resources, please let us know.
Will there be food at your event? *
If applies, what type of meal service would you prefer? (May be adjusted later)
BYU Catering services & menus: *Please specify in other if you prefer an off-campus caterer and the type of service (plated/buffet/drop-off), review approved vendors here:
Speakers (If applies)
Who will be speaking at your event? If there is a main/key speaker they will need approval.
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Check all that apply. This may be adjusted as needed. (May have fees depending on facilities)
Anything else we should know/event needs?
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