Snehalaya Research Project - Online Survey
Understanding the behaviours and attitudes of habitual pornography users
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(NGO working to build families since 1976)
Victoria School Campus – L.J. Road, Mahim, Mumbai 400016

You are invited to participate in this survey on the behaviours and attitudes of habitual pornography users. Before you decide whether to take part in the study it is important that you understand what the research is for and what you will be asked to do. Please take time to read the following information.

As a definition, Pornographic material is understood as material in print or film that depicts explicit representations of sexual activity in order to stimulate erotic feelings.  For the purpose of this study, habitual pornography users are identified as individuals who regularly use pornographic material at least once a week.

The broad aim of the study is to inquire into the patterns of use of pornography among habitual pornography users and to understand their attitudes towards work, relationships, family and community. The online questionnaire will cover the following topics:

Part 1: Frequency and Use of Pornography
Part 2: Attitudes to Pornography
Part 3: Attitudes to Sex, Marriage and Parenting
Part 4: Attitudes to Self, Work/Study, Social Life and Religion
Part 5: Demographic details

The survey mainly contains multiple-choice questions (unless otherwise indicated) and will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete. It is meant for persons aged 15 and above only.

Participation in this project is entirely voluntary. Please note however that while you can withdraw from participation at any time, once you have submitted the online survey, you cannot withdraw your data.

This is an anonymous survey requiring your honest responses. We do not require your name or other identifying details. The aggregated data collected in this survey will be accessed only by researchers at the Snehalaya Family Service Centre. The responses of individual participants will not be identifiable in the reports.

The results from the study will be published in several reports and articles, and used in presentations and interventions by Snehalaya Family Service Centre.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this research, please contact:

Fr Cajetan Menezes
Snehalaya Family Service Centre
Victoria School Campus, Lady Jamshedji Road, Mahim, Mumbai 400016.
Phone: +91(022)- 2446,8218 / 2444 8218

I am 15 years or older. I have understood all the information provided and am willing to take part in this survey. *
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