Application Form for the order of Protective Charm Birthing Gown 'Miracle in the Heart'
Welcome! It is a great pleasure and honour for us that you have shown interest and trust in our project and First in the modern world Protective Charm Birthing Gowns (!

In this Application form, we heartily ask you to describe the criteria for the gown for your gentle and magical birth, which you choose to let us create the birthing gown exactly for you in the best way, since this is completely handmade by our craftswoman!

We will review your application within 24 hours. Our Miracle in the Heart project fortunately and with the God's help, since 2014 has earned a reputation as a responsible, efficient and friendly figure at the international level (30 countries, 5 continents).

THE MISSION OF OUR BIRTHING GOWN is to be beautiful (feminine, bright, solemn, light), charm (filled with the energy of maternity symbols and blessings from the skilled craftswoman) and comfortable in childbirth and during the month of your postpartum and recovery. It is intended to revive the status of a woman as the Queen Mother, to increase the significance of the state of the Pregnant, the Mother in Childbirth and the Woman in the consciousness of her family, society and medical community.

Here is what the craftswoman Tatiana writes about creating the First Protective Charm Birthing Gowns, “When I was asked what the price of the Birthing gown was, I replied, “They are priceless ... This is a huge experience not only mine, but also the experience of the organisers of the 5-year-term international project “Miracle in Heart", and the sum in the bill is a conditionality to put it further to the world. This is not a gown for the sake of the gown - it is light, very dense, healing energy, manifested through natural fabric, through the skill of joining stitch to stitch, smear to smear, which at the end connected to the Protective Charm Birthing Gown, which mission is to make your delivery a solemnity!”
First of all, this is a huge internal work on myself, my condition, my thoughts, so that you are at least just let you into creating this ... These are dozens of sketches and shopping trips to find, feel “your” material, “your” lace. Every detail, every little smear is loving, felt, thought out ... This is the wish of the purest, most blessed birth. And desire is healing, it is the creation of reality. Now I know exactly how this happens!"

THE COST OF THE PROTECTIVE CHARM BIRTHING GOWN is 355 USD, and THE COST OF THE BIRTHING CLOTHES SET is 395 USD.(There is a discount for a woman with an amazing story of conception or pregnancy and 10% discount by the promo code!)

This application form contains several questions (which you do not have to answer) to align the images of our craftswoman and you with your intrauterine baby. Therefore, this may be our joint work, and, therefore, with even better and wonderful results from synergy.

We, mothers-creators of these Birthing Gowns, realize very well how difficult it can be for you to concentrate (and this is completely normal and physiological!) while expecting the birth of your beautiful Baby, and at the same time we believe that you will carefully consider filling out this application and Your baby will help you with this.

Your data is confidential. Thank you very much for your trust!

Would you please email to us that you have filled out this application to in order to be guaranteed to receive your answer. Thank you!

With love, for love,
and for the sake of the miracle of birth worldwide,
mothers Svetlana, Olga, and Tatiana
‘Miracle in the Heart’

Before ordering, please be sure to read these documents:
1. Return and Exchange Terms of our Protective Charm Birthing Clothes -
2. Privacy Policy -
3. Care Instructions of Protective Charm Birthing Clothes -
4. Testimonials from the world-renowned midwives and mothers with many children -
5. Reviews from puerperas dressed with our Protective Charm Birthing Gowns -
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Your contact details: phone, Viber/WhatsApp/ Telegram (in case you prefer the call back) (in the international format +39-...-...-...)
Please select the style of your Protective Charm Birthing Gown *
Our Protective Charm Birthing Gown has a special design to be comfortable anywhere in childbirth and does not look like a nightdress or robe. Special midwifery cut - the length of the dress at the back is 7-8 cm below the breech (the gown is long enough so that you are not shy, and short and comfortable enough for various poses at birth and examinations by the doctor and or a midwife). The lap on the chest allows you to easily and completely open the gown when the baby is born, and you (or the doctor) put the baby on the chest, or put it on your belly. At the same time, one flap of the gown serves as a diaper to completely cover the baby if necessary, when it is lying on its mother and / or sucking. In the early and late postpartum, it is also convenient when feeding the baby at home and in a sling. No strings and hooks (strings and knots for childbirth we exclude, in principle, for easy, safe childbirth), instead of them are miniature soft snaps that allow the gown to swing open and close easily with a wave of the hand of a mother or a doctor.
Please select the design of your Protective Charm Birthing Gown *
An open armpit - convenience in childbirth in any climate, does not constrain movements, hygienically appropriate (many women feel hot during contractions). We have gowns with wide sleeves (Bell Sleeve) and without sleeves (Raglan Sleeve).
Please select a lace of your Protective Charm Birthing Gown *
Lace inserts (lace made from natural cotton and linen) are at all times an element of femininity, festivity, tenderness. We just couldn't forbear putting lace on our Birthing Gowns for feminine beauty, elegance and grandeur! Please note that only this type of lace will not always be available (it depends on the suppliers), therefore we are always happy to offer alternative lace and always pre-coordinate the lace with you!
Please select a protective pattern of your Protective Charm Birthing Gown *
On our birthing gowns we displayed universal charms, understandable in the context of childbirth and motherhood to any culture of the modern world.These symbols are applied by the artist with many years’ experience in painting on fabric Tatiana Kashina. Each gown and each symbol remains unique - handmade from stitch and lace to charms.A protective pattern is located on the back of the gown (so that you and the baby do not have contact with the paint, even spare paints), and on the front there is an element in harmony with the pattern on the back (for example, if there is a stork on the back, then on the front of the gown there is a feather; if Goddess Gaia is on the back, then on the hem there are elements of water and earth; if on the back there is a lotus flower, then in front is the petal of this flower). You can order the Birthing Gown without any protective charm symbol! We also plan to create a Birthing Gowns with other symbols of birth and motherhood.In the meantime, you can make your own embroidery or additional painting on this gown, enhancing its properties!
Captionless Image
Blessings for Mothers and our Birthing Gown in Hong Kong
Please select the type of fabric of your Protective Charm Birthing Gown *
We currently have two types of natural snow-white linen in stock. One of them has a higher density (as you can see in all photos at, and the other is thinner, more transparent, softened textured linen. Softened textured linen is more relevant for sultry countries or for the childbirth in summer, hot period.
Natural linen Protective Charm Birthing Gown 'Miracle in the Heart'
Natural textured softened linen Protective Charm Birthing Gown 'Miracle in the Heart'
Would you please precise your size? *
It’s relevant for fitting at 8-9 months of pregnancy. When developing a special size chart for clothes for pregnant and lactating women, a small margin for the chest, hips and waist (tummy) is already put in the parameters. The pattern is based on calculations for changing of your figure.
Captionless Image
Would you please specify your height (cm)? *
Would you please specify your chest girth, cm? *
It’s relevant for fitting at 8-9 months of pregnancy. Chest girth (CG)
Captionless Image
Please specify do you want a purely Protective Charm Birthing Gown or a Birthing Clothes Set? *
All accessories in the Birthing Clothes Set are made of the same materials (fabric, and lace) as the gown itself, and are in harmony with it in colour and features (details):1) THE HEADDRESS - HAIRBAND (HEADBAND). It bands and decorates your face very beautifully, dresses comfortably, does not press and gently holds your hair in the birth process and while feeding the baby; 2) THE PILLOWCASE FOR THE BED PILLOW. A pregnant woman, a woman in labour and a puerpera often wants to be surrounded with many pillows: it is convenient for sitting, sleeping, and feeding a baby. If you take a “familiar” (and fancy!) pillow that contains your home microflora to the hospital / birthing centre / birthing hotel, then this will undoubtedly affect your health and the health of your baby, as well as you will feel safer, more comfortable, and more confident in alien walls.If you are at home, then you can simply (like in a hospital ward) lean on a pillow in contractions, and then put it in, as conveniently, after the baby delivery, and throughout your entire period of motherhood! This pillowcase can be used for a pillow that you can use to feed your baby, but it does not replace a special breastfeeding pillow, which has the shape of a horseshoe and other sizes.
Please specify whether you want to order one or more Birthing Gowns or one or more Birthing Clothes Sets? *
We know that in Western countries some women purchase 2 gowns for childbirth: one directly for the childbirth (anxiety of not washing off) and one for the postpartum period (for convenience and beauty). In any case, the second gown can then be presented to a friend, sister, daughter ☺. At the same time, we are confident that our gowns will become your heirloom if you fulfil the Care Instructions for your gown ( If you want to order several Birthing Gowns or Sets, then for each gown you need to fill out an appropriate application form.
Please, specify whether you want a bespoke tailoring of the Protective Charm Birthing Gown?
You can order your own design and a new charm symbol that touches your soul (it is possible even without a charm drawing). The cost of such tailoring is discussed individually.
Clear selection
If you have a promo code, please, enter it here
This promo code allows you to get a 10% discount on the Birthing Gown or our Birthing Clothes Set. You might get a promo code from your assisting perinatal professional/birthkeeper.
Please, specify the payment method convenient for you *
To order a Protective Charm Birthing Gown or a Set, you need to make a 100% prepayment to our essential elements. We start to create your Gown within 1 day after receiving the payment. The production time for the gown (if a suitable size is not available) is 2 weeks from the payment receiving date. Before shipping you a Gown or a Set, we take a photo of the Gown on a mannequin and a photo of a receipt for the parcel shipment (and send these photos to you to your specified email or messenger). Please choose the most convenient payment method for you.
Please, specify the convenient way for you to receive the details (essential elements) for your order payment. *
Please, specify the convenient delivery method for your order *
Please note that delivery is carried out at the expense of the buyer. It is necessary to check out the rates of postal services and carriers for each country. A parcel (700-900 g) is delivered from Ukraine. Delivery from Ukraine to all countries of the world is carried out via Ukrposhta, InTime, MeestExpress, DHL, UPS.
Your additional requests for the Protective Charm Birthing Gown or Set
Thank you so much for treating your birth as a New Life Solemnity and for choosing Miracle in the Heart project to inspire your joyful motherhood! It is a joy and honour for us indeed.
We will be pleased if we succeed to facilitate your gentle and magical childbirth and make your motherhood more conscious, easier, and more joyful!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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