Request of Support from the HLHS MCJROTC
This form will notify the HLHS MCJROTC of a special event support request that you would like our cadets to participate in with your organization. The instructor staff will review all requests for feasibility of support. If we have any questions/concerns, we will contact you via the contact information provided in the request. Once we have made a decision to support or that we are unable to support, you will be notified promptly. Thanks for your interest in our organization and young leaders!
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The HLHS MCJROTC in no way considers donations in our decision to support our community. We approve the vast majority of support requests that we receive during the school year. The only requests that we deny have to due with scheduling conflicts or events that are not appropriate for high school students. If you should desire to provide a donation to our young leaders, checks can be made payable to HLHS MCJROTC Booster Club. Checks can be given to the instructor/chaperone on site or mailed to Horn Lake High School Attn: MCJROTC 3360 Church Road, Horn Lake, MS 398637. Electronic donations can be processed through our website at (bottom of page - donate).
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