Registration for The Assembly Week #4
During The Assembly program, the Futures members organize a series of talks with art professionals in topics related to the main theme RESET. The assemblies take place online every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 4pmCEST. They are organized via Zoom and streamed on our social media channels.

In this form, you can register for the Assemblies of the fourth and last week of the festival (25th to 31st of October): below you can find more details about them, such as topics and speakers, and in the next page, you will be able to choose the talks you want to attend and to register you name and email.
We will send you the link to the Zoom room before the event.
The Assembly - Week #4 (25th-31st Oct)
ASSEMBLY #10 - Resetting photography: Can Photography be a tool of changes? Workshop by Karolina Gembara (Sputnik Photos)
Organized by Fotofestiwal Lodz
Oct. 27 (Tuesday), 4pm CET
Photography is many things. In my lecture I propose to reset our thinking and consider its very basic quality - its toolness. What does it do? What do I do with it? How can I utilise it? Can I make any change using my camera? Can this change be good? Going over several examples of the so-called activist photography, engaged projects, participatory programmes and my own practise I would like to discuss how the medium we use could become an extension of democratic and inclusive processes. I will also try to reflect on the anthropological burdens and privilege traps we, the photographers, should pay attention to while working with ‘sensitive’ topics. During our meeting we will have an opportunity to bounce off some ideas and questions with an invited guest - an expert working with excluded communities.
*This event has a longer duration of around 2 hours

ASSEMBLY #11 - Sandrine Colard in conversation with Léonard Pongo
Organized by FOMU
Oct. 29 (Thursday), 4pm CET
Within Africa and its worldwide diasporas, the photographic medium has a long history of violence and abuse. Images of slavery, lynching, ethnographic “curiosities,” colonialism, apartheid and land exploitations, have contributed to subjugate the pictured subject, but also, to awaken viewers to the represented injustices. 2020 has symbolized the epitome of that power of indignation, with the video of George Floyd’s murder igniting a worldwide outrage demanding racial justice. Yet, the place of beauty in photographs of black lives, their homes and environments, have less readily been perceived and circulated as a legitimate and powerful means of resistance, or has sometimes been suspected of aestheticizing tragedy or suffering. This roundtable invites an artist who make a resolute use of beauty in his practice as an amendment for its underrepresentation in black everydayness, milieu, or history.
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