STRE.ME Strategy Services
This survey assesses specific attributes to determine your organization's readiness to grow.
Five-Minute Growth Assessment
Take STRE.ME's five-minute growth assessment to see how prepared you are to grow.
​Do you work in the business more than on it? *
Are you frustrated by the pace of growth (being too slow or fast)?​ *
Are you constantly putting out fires or constrained by the tyranny of the urgent? *
Do you want or need more customers?​ *
Do you worry about maintaining quality while you grow?​ *
Are you unsure how to make the most of your assets and opportunities?​ *
Do you have unclear sales forecasts that are rarely, if ever used for planning goals? *
Does your organization have an irrelevant or misunderstood vision, goals, and budgets?​ *
Are your processes undocumented, unknown, messy, or confusing?​ *
Do you struggle to find the time and energy to address these challenges?​ *
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