Pre-Kindergarten Programming Survey
In order to increase academic consistency for our Pre-Kindergarten students, the Almond-Bancroft School District is currently looking in to changing the Pre-Kindergarten program. However, we are seeking parental and community input before any decisions are made. Please take a few moments to read through the proposed changes below and answer the survey questions on the attached sheet. Feel free to share this proposal with other community members and add their comments as well. If you need additional copies of this survey, please call Penny Boileau at (715) 366-2941 ext. 418. In addition, the survey is offered online. You can find the link on the School District’s website. The survey is being kept anonymous in order to promote honest feedback and your opinion is greatly appreciated. If you, or another community member, do not have a Pre-Kindergarten student, please answer the questions as if you did. We are asking that surveys be completed and returned/submitted by Friday, February 14th in order to review these surveys and present the information at the February School Board Meeting.

CURRENT PROGRAMMING – 2 Full Days: Currently, the Pre-Kindergarten program is run two full days a week. One group of students attends on Mondays and Wednesdays while the other group attends on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Bussing is offered to all students for both morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off. Fridays are non-student days.

PROPOSED PROGRAMMING – 4 Half Days: Students would attend Monday through Thursday, with one group attending in the mornings and one group attending in the afternoons (exact times to be determined). Bussing would continue to be offered to all students for both morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off; however, mid-day bussing would NOT be offered. Parents would either have the option to pick-up/drop-off their child at that mid-day transition time OR take advantage of an Extended Learning Center (ELC), free of charge, housed within the school building. If using the ELC option, Pre-Kindergarten students would be in the building the same times as K-12 students, but their time would be split between the Pre-Kindergarten Classroom and an Extended Learning Center. Furthermore, bussing would be available to them for the morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off times, with the other students. Fridays would continue to be a non-student day (meaning the ELC would not be available).

*With this change in programming, students would CONTINUE to follow the District calendar; they would not attend class or ELC on “No School” days. Additionally, there would be no class or ELC during breaks, including summer.

*The District’s goal would be to offer the ELC at no cost to resident families. However, there would continue to be a cost for meals if students eat breakfast, lunch, and snack each day. The meals would be provided through the School Meal Program.

**More specific details of the Extended Learning Center will be developed if the Pre-Kindergarten programming changes take place. The AB School District will inform families of those details.
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