The Wrench – October Submissions
Add your entry for the Wrench's October edition! When you want to add images or a video, please upload it to a hoster of your choice (for example imgur, YouTube) and paste the links. Images have to be individual files.

For multiple reasons we can't guarantee to feature everything you submit, we have to make sure it adheres to certain content standards and in case that too much is submitted we may push some submissions to the next month.

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What are you making/did you make? (e.g. Your map name, a tutorial for something, a new weapon "X", …)
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A short description (e.g. What is your map about, the subject of your tutorial, …)
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Please enter links to media of your submission, simply host them on other sites like YouTube or Imgur. Submissions are limited to 3 individual images. Do not post a collection of images in one file.
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