DigiFest Expo Signup - 2019
Thank you for inspiring our region's next generation of innovators! See additional Expo details at the bottom of this form.
Exhibitors will be invoiced $50 per table (prior exhibitors will be given a 50% discount).
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DigiFest Expo Details
See the following description for an overview of the DigiFest Expo. Forward any questions to robin@bossierarts.org

Expo Location
● Main Hall of the Bossier Civic Center (620 Benton Rd, Bossier City, LA)

Expo Setup
● TUE, SEPT 17th from 10AM - 4PM : Exhibitors may set up their spaces
● The Bossier Civic Center will be secured overnight

Expo Dates - Please plan to be present at ALL of the following times:
● WED, SEPT 18th from 9AM - 2PM : Middle School Tours
● WED, SEPT 18th from 5PM - 8PM : Evening DigiMixer session, open to the public
● THU, SEPT 19th from 9AM - 2PM : High School Tours
● Exhibitors may enter the hall at 8AM on Expo days
● Students and teachers will start arriving at 9 AM.

What to Show
● This is a highly interactive event, so bring some activity that will inspire the attendees
● Bring your most engaging hardware and software or your latest project
● Students respond better to interactive exhibits and hands-on displays
● Be creative and show these students why they should work in your industry!
● Showcase your company's services and possible job vacancies at the DigiMixer event

What to Bring
● Any equipment and materials you may need to provide an interactive experience
● If your booth requires electricity, bring an extension cord and a power strip
● Having 2+ people at your booth will make it easier to take bathroom breaks, etc.

What will be provided
● The DigiFest Expo staff will provide water bottles throughout the day
● The Bossier Civic Center offers concessions for purchase
● Wall and floor outlets are available, and the building is equipped with WiFi

● Each booth is $50 PER 10x10 SPACE
● Returning Exhibitors will receive a $25 discount
● You will be invoiced upon registration
● Each booth includes one table and two chairs
● Extra tables and chairs will be provided by request for an additional fee

We appreciate your time and effort! If your company would also like to support DigiFest South with a sponsorship, contact robin@bossierarts.org

Thank you for supporting DigiFest South!
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