2019-2020 Etown Sewing Studio Registration
Register anytime! Classes are individualized and self paced.
Congratulations on becoming a student of the lost art of sewing!
At Etown Sewing Studio students learn the lifelong skill of sewing and fashion design. Learning to sew promotes hand-eye coordination, reading comprehension, self-confidence, independence, problem solving, creativity, logic, sequencing, patience, math skills, and so much more all the while having SEW MUCH fun!
Thank you for choosing Etown Sewing Studio to learn how to sew!
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Choose Your Day and Time
If these times don't suit you, we are open to starting a class for you as long as there are at least 3 students.
You will have FOUR lessons each month.
There must be at least 3 students to have a class. You will be notified if you need to choose another time.
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Choose Your Class Length and Tuition Plan
There are four classes each month.
We understand that students have different attention spans so we offer lessons for 45 minutes, 1 hour or 1.5 hours!
We offer a discount of $10 per month based on 9 months of consecutive attendance.
Credit cards payments are available but checks are preferred. Invoices are sent at the beginning of each month.
Choose Your Sewing Path
You can learn quilting, clothing sewing, or projects! All of them will teach you to sew!
To receive important announcements and updates for students of Etown Sewing Studio text @etownsew to 81010
Policies and Procedures for E-Town Sewing Studio
Etown Sewing Studio is here to provide all of our students with an exciting sewing education!
Monthly Tuition and Class Calendar: Tuition is for FOUR classes each month
Please be courteous and arrive and depart on time. If the student arrives early, they will need to be picked up early as their class time begins when they arrive. There will be a five minute time called at the end of class to give time to put away supplies 
The purchase of a Pattern Packet OR a Project Packet is needed with the first class.
The first month’s payment and future payments are due the first of each month.
A written 14 day notice must be given to cancel your next month’s tuition.
Makeup Classes:
There are no pro-rated rates given for missed classes. It is the parent/student’s responsibility to schedule the makeup class. A class can be made up by attending another scheduled class. Please ask Renita for available times. If class is cancelled due to instructor absentee or inclement weather, class will be made up as soon as possible. We follow EASD weather closures.
We use texting, phone calls and email to communicate with you.
At Etown Sewing Studio we take pictures of “Proud Student” moments and post them to social media.
Release Form for Etown Sewing Studio
Your child will be learning in an environment with equipment such as sewing machines and irons. Use of this equipment is monitored at all times, and proper safety methods are taught.

For the safety of your children and others please review the following policies regarding enrollment. Once you have read the following information, please sign, date and return the registration form prior to the first session in which your child will be participating. No class registration will be considered complete and /or final, nor will any child be allowed to participate in the classes prior to receipt of this signed release.
Please understand that Etown Sewing Studio makes no exceptions to the following conditions:
1. Only a parent or legally recognized guardian may register a child for the kids sewing classes.
2. Participation in the children sewing classes is solely at the risk of the parent or guardian enrolling the child.
3. Every effort will be made by to ensure the safety of your child while on the premises of Etown Sewing Studio. Safety will be taught from day one, but sometimes accidents still happen. Students will be working with pins, needles, scissors and occasionally a hot iron.
Etown Sewing Studio cannot accept liability for any injury or damages that your child may suffer related to premises of Etown Sewing Studio.
*By becoming a student at Etown Sewing Studio you agree to the policies and procedures and release form *
Important Information about your first class - Classes begin September 3, 2019
Thank you for allowing me to have a part in your student’s sewing and design adventure!
In the first class we will:
Review the studio safety standards
Learn the part names of the sewing machine
Practice sewing with no thread on paper practice sheets
Create a sampler of sewing stitches with the Brother Sewing machine
Review the pattern packet

For your next class, if you are using a Store Bought (Simplicity, McCalls...) come prepared with:
Desired pattern pieces cut out and student’s name written on each piece and material and any notions for the desired product.

Material Suggestions:
Please purchase 100% cotton fabric such as: Keepsake Calico or Quilter’s Showcase cotton.
For the sake of your eyesight and learning ease, do NOT choose cotton broadcloth or black material.
Only choose knit fabric if it is specifically indicated in your supply list and then ONLY purchase interlock knits.
These knits are often listed as Juvenile Apparel Fabric even though there are adult choices as well.

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Contact Information
Renita Yahara 717-344-2434
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