2018 DFW Fiber Fest Vendor Application - Application Closed on August 31, 2017. You are welcome to submit an application after that date to be placed on the waitlist but there are no guarantees that the jury will review your application for our 2018 Event
DFW Fiber Fest’s vendor hall is a carefully curated juried show that focuses mainly on Texas and regionally-based (from OK, LA, AR, NM and MO) vendors of yarns, fibers and tools that are used for the crafts of knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving. We also love to be able to bring in select vendors from outside of our area so our attendees can get that up-close, in-person touch and feel of other highly sought-after products.

In 2018, DFW Fiber Fest will be held April 6-8, with load-in and Vendor Hall setup being Thursday, April 5. Set-up is generally set for between 2 pm and 9 pm.

2018 will bring in a lot of changes for DFW Fiber Fest's Vendor Hall. We will be expanding our footprint for the Vendor Hall to take over the entire Exhibit Hall at the Irving Convention Center for the whole weekend. While this expansion will allow for a few more booth spaces, a large portion of this new space will be dedicated to a larger "Stitching Lounge" area to help keep our attendees in the Vendor Hall to sit and visit and be immersed in what is available from our Vendors. In addition, another section will be devoted to having "experiential spaces" where you as a vendor will be able to bring in tools, spinning wheels, looms, etc., to allow our attendees to test drive the equipment.

With regards to the added booth spaces, we hope to be able to accomplish the following:

1. We would like to use the majority of these spaces to allow more vendors to expand their booth space at our event.
2. We also hope to attract more vendors who have tools along with more spinning and weaving supplies.
3. We will be offering smaller booths - 5' deep by 10' wide - along "Stitcher's Row" for smaller, independent dyers who are working to get their foot in the door.

We seek a variety of vendors in our Vendor Hall. We look for a mix of returning vendors and new vendors. Many of our attendees return year after year and appreciate knowing that some vendors have always been part of the vendor hall and will likely have a booth again in the upcoming event. We also want new vendors who will bring excitement and anticipation of the unknown, as people contemplate what treasures and unique items they will find. We try to hold fast to our roots of introducing some newer hand dyers to our market. If you are just starting out, don’t let that deter you from applying.

Our vendor hall is a source for people who enjoy making, producing and giving all things fiber. We choose vendors who offer tools and materials for our attendees to take with them and use to make finished products. We look for the tried-and-true product lines along with things that are new and innovative. We look for vendors who follow the trends – and get ahead of them. We look for attractive booths that are visually pleasing to our attendees.

We are not your typical “Arts and Crafts Show.” You won’t find booths full of knitted or crocheted items for purchase. There are a lot of fairs and festivals out there that do cater to that market. We just do not.

We are also not a “Barn Show.” While several of our vendors have farms and ranches and bring products from those ventures, we do not have space or the facilities appropriate for livestock.

Every year, we tend to see the same comment from attendees - "It would have been GREAT if you'd had X on the floor. I really needed X!" And almost every single time, we could name 4 or 5 vendors who had X right there for them to buy! But they couldn't find it. This year, we plan on compiling product lists for our Information booth so we can point people in the right direction when we are asked about a particular yarn weight, tool type or other product along with us needing some additional information regarding vehicles and other things so we are requesting that ALL applicants fill out this application form. We know you can't list everything - and that new things will appear between now and then - but it will give us a start.

Applications and photographs must be received by August 31, 2017, to be considered by our Jury for our 2018 show. After that date, all applications will be placed on a waitlist for consideration only if space becomes available.

Please be careful with your entries - especially on phone numbers, email addresses and websites. We would never penalize people for misspellings on answers to most questions, but if we cannot see your products or get in touch with you due to mistyped contact information, that would be unfortunate.

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