I'm moving! And as such, I've got a bunch of work to do and will be streaming infrequently as we go through the moving process. This means that new Your Deck... LIVE! submissions will be closed until we are properly set up in our new home! Thanks for understanding, I will announce when they reopen again!

Your Deck... LIVE! Submission Form!

Once you have filled out this form please join this Discord server to schedule your league!

Just post your list via MTGGoldfish in chat with your donation.
Want to see your deck played by me in front of a live audience?

One of the most enjoyable things on the stream for me is getting you, the viewer, involved. As such, I offer a number of donation bonus options where you can get advice on your deck live on stream, get your deck played live on stream, or even have me build you a deck based around your ideas to be played on stream!

Here's the menu:

$10 Donation - "The Deck Tech"

Get a five minute deck tech live on stream! You send me your list and get top notch feedback on your deck. Any format is fine, although be aware that I have the most experience in the major tournament formats of Standard, Modern, Pioneer, and Legacy. Please use for your decklist submission, as it is the cleanest to view on stream, and simply paste the link into your donation. NO SUBMISSION VIA THIS FORM IS REQUIRED!

$80 Donation - "The Classic"

The classic donation bonus league. I play your deck through a MTGO league or five ranked matches on MTG Arena and give a full pre-game deck tech with my thoughts and analysis, as well as a full post-game deck tech with my thoughts on the deck and what I would change. I then rebuild the deck in the manner that I think improves it best and give you the full updated new decklist and sideboard. When we are on MTG Arena and our decklist is not locked for the whole league, I will make small changes as needed after match three.

$120 Donation - "The Brew"

You come to me with an idea you have for a deck or a particular card or cards you would like to see made work and I will build you a deck off-stream based around that theme or card. We then take that deck on stream and do essentially the same procedure as "The Classic," with me playing five matches and giving my thoughts and then an updated decklist at the end. No plausible idea will be turned away and you may let me know if your focus is on optimizing or just having a blast with crazy cards.

$150 Donation - "The Double Dip"

Essentially a double up on "The Classic." We do the normal procedure, but at the end once I've updated the decklist with my improvements, we run the newly updated version of the deck back through another five matches with the changes and see how it goes. Once again at the end we do a post-game deck tech and I make any more changes that I think are needed, as well as presenting ideas for alternate ways to build the deck that may be more successful.

Logistics And Scheduling

So what does all this mean? It means you get to basically buy the stream for anywhere from two to four hours, have your deck showcased to a large and passionate community, get excellent feedback and a fully tuned decklist, and maybe get yourself onto YouTube as well!

As far as scheduling goes, I work hard to find a time that works for you so you can watch live. Turnaround time is typically less than a week, assuming no scheduling conflicts. Once you have submitted your list please join the Discord that is linked in the form for scheduling! If you don’t have Discord I can email you, but Discord is strongly preferred and will result in a faster turnaround.

As far as other rules, there is no restriction on format or how good or bad the deck needs to be, as long as it has some sort of goal in mind. I won't play 60 Snow-Covered Islands or a deck that doesn’t function, but if you want to win the game with Battle of Wits or some crazy three card combo let’s do it! If I feel your deck has significant detrimental flaws we will discuss them before I broadcast to clean things up a bit.

Thanks everyone and see you on stream!
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