Ricketts Glen State Park TRIP
A waterfall trail hike to see 18 waterfalls (up to 94 feet high) at Ricketts Glen State Park.

Open to ALL international students, scholars, researchers & spouses are welcome to attend.
(Sorry, no children under 12 years old.)
All faiths and religions are welcome.
The hike is not fast or hard but it takes time (4 miles, about 2 hours walk plus time for pictures and lunch.)

ON: Monday, May 6, 9am-7pm

REGISTER (by filling out the below form) & PAY (to Walt) in order to reserve your seat!
EVERY PERSON on the trip must complete a Registration Form. A couple must fill out 2 forms.

COST: $20 covers transportation to and from Ricketts Glen State Park. (There is no entrance fee.)
PAY Walter Johnston by Venmo or at the ICF office, 210a Pasquerilla Spiritual Center.

How to PAY?
(1) Venmo $20 to www.venmo.com/walter-johnston
(2) Drop off cash or check (to "Walt Johnston" to ICF office - 210A Pasquerilla Spiritual Center) (put in envelope and slide under the office door if no one is there.
(3) give the money personally to Walt or Garret in person.

Ride starts at Pattee/Paterno Library at 9 am.
Bring a lunch and water bottle!
Wear sneakers!

NOTE: In the event rain is forecast for that day, this trip will be postponed to a later date, or you may have your payment returned to you.

Walt 814 404.8116, wmj1@psu.edu, Wechat walt1636
Garret White 330-501-2199 gwhite@ccojubilee.org
Sponsored by International Christian Fellowship, www.IMPSU.org

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You must PAY Walter via Venmo (see info at the top of this form) or via Check or Cash at the ICF Office. -- Walt will send you an email when he receives your $20 to confirm we received it and that you are registered for the trip.
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If you do not have a PSU ID, just say "None". PSU requires us to ask for the PSU ID #.
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Cancellation of Trip (by rain or by a student's choice) *
If you, the student cancels your trip, the Registration Fee will not be refunded. ----- If BAD WEATHER causes the event to be cancelled (ex. too much rain) then your money will be refunded.
-- PLEASE READ ---- In participating in this activity, I personally assume full responsibility for my actions (and of my accompanying family members), and release the staff and agents of International Christian Fellowship (ICF), Coalition for Christian Outreach, and associated organizations and churches from responsibility for any loss, injury, or damage to myself, my family or my property, provided such persons shall act with reasonable care for the safety of me and my property. Should any dispute or controversy arise, I agree to seek resolution according to Biblical principles through Christian Conciliation Services.
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