UTRGV SoM Lab Request Edinburg Fall 2017
No additional Lab dates will be added. Once a student performs in Lab, they can request additional Lab performance dates, but they will be considered on "wait list" status for the additional Labs. Similarly, the first piece requested on a Lab will be considered a priority request. Requests for additional pieces by the same performer or chamber group on the same Lab date may be made -- those requests will be considered on "wait list" status.
See Lab Policy sheet for further information: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8cmncZ42hGlSlZhaUdSN3ZzNUE

Full List of Lab Dates, Fall 2017:

LAB 1: 9/7/17
LAB 2: 9/14/17
LAB 3: 9/21/17
LAB 4: 9/28/17
LAB 5: 10/5/17
LAB 6: 10/12/17
LAB 7: 10/19/17
LAB 8: 10/26/17
LAB 9: 11/2/17
LAB 10: 11/9/17
LAB 12: 11/21/17
LAB 13: 11/28/17
LAB 14: 11/30/17
LAB 15: 12/5/17

Requested Performance Date (as dates fill, they will be removed from this list)
Please include movement titles (ex: Sonata in B Minor for Flute and Keyboard Obbligato, BWV 1030, mvt. 1: Andante)
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Performer(s), instrument
(ex: Camden Blaine Beavers, flute)
Your answer
Length of Musical Selection
(ex: 6min)
Your answer
(ex: J.S. Bach)
Your answer
Composer dates
(ex: 1685-1750)
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Historical Period of Composition
Student of / Ensemble Coached by
ex: Dr. Shoko Kinsella
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Faculty Collaborator(s)
Stage Needs
(ex. one chair, one stand)
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Piano needs
Contact email for student confirmation
Student Email Address (one per chamber group -- UTRGV official email only)
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Contact email for faculty confirmation
Applied Faculty or Chamber Coach Email address (UTRGV official email only)
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Contact email for collaborator confirmation if applicable
Faculty Pianist or Other Collaborator Email Address (UTRGV official email when possible)
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