The very first international edition of SomeCamp EU will take place in Tallinn, 9th - 11th December 2019. With this form you can register your participation.

Registration will be open until 9th of October 2019. We will be able to host 40 participants and will confirm the participants the latest on 14th of October.

​Participation is FREE of charge and includes the programme, accomodation and food. Participants or their supporting organisations are expected to cover their own travel costs to Tallinn (Estonia) and back*.

* The organisers will commit to reimburse part of the international travel costs for those participants who will contribute to the programme with a workshop. In case there are more workshop proposals than the programme can host, the selection wil be made by organisers to best fit the profile of the event and participants. In case your workshop proposal is accepted and will be included in the programme, we will individually inform you about the administrative steps for partial travel reimbursement.

Please note that the information submitted by you in this registration form will be used strictly only for the purposes of this event and will be deleted after the event.

Additional info on the event:
Kati Nõlvak, +372 557 6677,
Juha Kiviniemi, +378 40 1835264,
I give my consent for the organisers to handle my information supplied below for the purposes of this event.
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Short introduction of yourself
What kind of position are you in within the youth work field? What is your background? What is your experience on smart youth work / digital youth work? This will be used to fine-tune the program to better serve all participants.
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What are your main expectations for Somecamp EU?
What specific themes, questions etc would you want to discover at the event? What would you like to learn?
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What are the main challenges you have faced in relation to digital youth work (or wider, in smart youth work)?
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Would you like to propose a workshop as part of the programme?
IF YES, please indicate the purpose of your workshop (1-1,5 hours):
Short description of your workshop: aim and objectives; min/max number of participants; overview of the planned workshop; equipment/room setting you would need from organisers etc. (Basically all we would need to know in order to include your workshop in the programme and advertise it to other participants)
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In case you are proposing to share a tool/method/material, please describe shortly what are your own experiences and main learning points with that
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Special dietary needs or allergies
Please add any allergies or special dietary needs here, so we can inform the venue in advance. Leave blank for none.
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Room mate requests
Accommodation will be organised in shared double rooms. If you have a preference (eg. you know a colleague who is also at the event) please indicate your preference here.
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Other notes
Did we omit something from this form? Do you have any special needs or requirements we should be aware of? You can also contact us by e-mail at a later stage.
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NB! Verke is able to offer travel subsidy for participants from Finland. Would you like to apply for that? (Further details will follow individually)
Until soon with final confirmation from us!
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