Content Survey: Family Story Magic?
What should be in Carole's next online course?
Family Story Magic gives you the confidence to write your family stories. The modules step you through the process of preparing, researching, writing, and sharing stories sequentially. The lessons provide insight, advice, instructions and resources.
Hi everyone!
I am in the next stage of creating a new online course on Family Story Magic - but, I REALLY REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!
I have waaaaaay too much content and so have to decide what to keep and what to cut out.

PLEASE would you be kind enough to rate each of the following topics whether you would love to learn about this or not??

I will be sending a special thank you gift to everyone who helps me with this if you leave your email - THANK YOU!! xx
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How much do you think these topics rate a place in Family Story Magic - a short ecourse that helps you write your ancestor's story? *
Not much
A little
Dont mind
Identify the ancestor in your family whose story you wish to tell.
Google your Ancestor
Locate Ancestor in TROVE Newspapers
Discuss your ancestor with a living relative
Set your story in time
Design a story with TRELLO
Plot the story threads and treasures
Draft you story in WORD
Limit your word count
Share your family story
Create the GOOGLE pages
Upload your story
Share with the family/world?
Promote your story in social media
Setup a Facebook Group
Create a post
Link to your GOOGLE site
Invite family members to join
Share and connect with others
Would you like the added bonus where I do the research for your ancestor?
Clear selection
Is there anything else you think would be valuable in this topic?
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