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We are looking for 2-3 new people to join our collective house. The larger room (big enough for two) will be available in January, and the smaller (yet still sizable) room will be available in February or March. Our house is located at 50th and Cedar Avenue. The house is part of the Life Center Association housing co-op/land trust (LCA). The members of the LCA cooperatively own and manage eight properties in West Philadelphia. Read more about the LCA at

Rent is currently $513/month for the larger room and $377/month for the smaller room, plus about $74/person/mo for utilities and other shared expenses. This money goes to the LCA, and is in turn used to cover costs such as property and maintenance for all of the member communities. The LCA will be moving to an income/wealth-based sliding scale in the next year, so those costs may change based on the resources you have available. We also buy food together, which generally costs around $100/person/mo.

We share the responsibilities and labor involved in creating and maintaining a supportive community as well as a safe, well-maintained, and clean home. Applicants must be interested in participating in our collective house as well as the LCA. We all do many things to keep the house and the LCA running smoothly, including:

Meeting as a house for about 2 hours each month, and sharing facilitation/note-taking responsibilities
Doing around 3 hours/month of chores to keep our common areas clean
Shopping for house food and supplies
Working on maintenance projects vetting/hiring contractors to do the work we aren’t able to do ourselves
Attending the LCA’s general membership meetings each fall and spring

We also rotate additional responsibilities in the LCA, such as representing our house on the LCA board, serving as officers, or doing committee work.

About Us:

We're all queer and/or trans and in our twenties and thirties. One of us is white and two of us are not. We are furry-pet-free and tobacco free. 4/20 ok outside or in bedrooms. In addition to the LCA, we are all engaged in a variety of community groups and political activities. We strive to build a long term collective community. We work to maintain a safe, clean, and welcoming community for house members, visitors, neighbors, etc. We enjoy cooking, baking, and eating with one another, hanging out on our porch, crafting, gardening, and playing board games.

We are looking for a new housemate who wants to help build our community and is looking for a place to make their home for a least a year, although we hope longer! We are especially looking for housmates who:

Are LGBTQ and/or POC identified
Are clear and respectful communicators
Want to participate in art nights, play board games, discuss labor movements, etc.

The House/Your Room:

This is a beautiful 7-bedroom house with a vegetable garden, a porch, backyard with fire pit, shared craft room/office space, and a guest room. Other collective space includes living room, spacious dining room, and a well-stocked kitchen. We have a washer and dryer in our basement plus basement and attic storage. We also use a small back room to store our bikes. We have two bathrooms which are on the second and third floors of the house. There are 7 stairs to get into the house and 16 more stairs to access a bathroom.

The first room (available on 1/1) is very large - about 260 square feet - and works as a shared bedroom for two people. It is a south-facing on the second floor and gets good light. The second room (available sometime between 2/1 and 3/1) is about 200 square feet. It is a north-facing room on the third floor and has access to the attic and roof of the house.

We have some flexibility about timing, so if you think you are a good fit for the house but our timeline doesn’t match yours perfectly, please contact us anyway!

Get in Touch:

Please fill out the form linked to below. If you sound like a good fit, we will contact you for an in-depth, in-person interview as well as a chance to visit the house. If you prefer not to fill out a form, contact us for a phone interview with the same questions. We are hoping to schedule in-person interviews in early- to mid-December.

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