Change of Schedule Request
We do our best to accommodate any change. However, all schedules are not always available at all times. You may need to be placed on our waiting list. This includes changing from a 5 day schedule to a 3 day schedule or vice versa. Please complete and submit by the 15th of the month BEFORE the change is requested to take place. Schedule changes are activated on the first of the month with notice given by the 15th of the prior month, if space is available. If you change your schedule you lose your previous space. There is no guarantee that when and if you decide to change the schedule back that the space will be available. In-fact, more than likely it will not be available. (No one can guarantee any space will be available at any given time.)

These requirements allow us to keep our low ratios and a stable working environment for our wonderful staff. This in-turn allows us to provide a stable loving nurturing environment for your child.

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