Zaelii Commissions
Please provide as much information as you can. Prices shown are in GBP and are baseline prices which are subject to change depending on the complexity of the project.

Ensure you have thoroughly read through and agree to my commission terms before completing this form.
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Do I have permission to share the progress of the commission on Social Media and tag you in the process? *
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Tell me your idea for the painting! E.g. The character(s) involved, pose, expression, background (simple or detailed), any notable details such as tattoos, freckles, weapons, props, etc. This can all be supported by reference images which you can email to me if your request is accepted, and you can also provide links in the next section.
Reference Links
Please provide some links to reference material you have for the character or the background (if applicable), e.g. Armoury link, examples of poses/expressions you like, props, background objects/scenes, etc. The more the merrier!
Any Further Information or Questions
If there is anything else you wish for me to know about your request or any questions you have please specify here. Just leave it blank if you cannot think of anything for now, you can always email me later!
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