Cultural Accelerator - Preliminary Survey
Cultural Accelerator is a bottom-up democracy project initiated by Trans Europe Halles (TEH), Lund, Sweden and Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform (TAP), Baku, Azerbaijan. Cultural Accelerator is about people working together to solve problems, create knowledge and share their experience. Cultural Accelerator aims at expanding participants’ expertise and provides them with a practical toolbox on how they can successfully pitch their ideas and projects to policy-makers.

The project will happen in two phases:

1. Twelve practical lectures and online workshops open to registered participants for free.

2. Three-day hybrid event in Baku where participants will meet, network, discuss and publicly present their ideas and proposals on how to develop art and culture in Azerbaijan.

All events are free for registered participants. The project will take place between January - September 2021, with the final hybrid event taking place at the beginning of July. Results of the project will be available in August or early September 2021.

Please, register your interest and we will contact you for the next stages of the project.

All information will be also published on and websites and social media.

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