2020 majorSENIORS Crew Interest Form
I'm so excited to be releasing my 2020 Interest Forms. This form is simply telling me that you are interested in hearing more about the program. It's not a formal invitation to join or a commitment in any way.
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Everything is better with your bestie. Take a minute to recommend a friend or two that you would like to have this experience with! Please list their name and IG handle and/or email address!
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Parent/Teen Meetings
In order to get you and your parents all of the important information and details about the 2020 majorSENIORS Crew, attending a parent meeting is required of you. Please check the box below of the date and time that you would like to attend! If you are not able to make any of these, please select the last option to have the video emailed to you. The location of the meetings will be in New Cumberland and exact address will be emailed to you confirming your date and time selection after you submit your interest form.
Please select the parent meeting that works best for you. A parent and the teen must both attend. * In person meetings have closed but the information video is still available. Please select that option *
Thank you so much for your interest!
If you have any questions, please let me know.

By completing this form, you acknowledge that you and a parent will attend a parent meeting to discuss the program more and make sure that you and your parents understand.

Applications are due NO LATER than 5pm on January 15.
I can’t wait to meet the Class of 2020!

Jodi Major
majorCLICKS Photography

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