YC2 Placement Audition - VIDEO SUBMISSION
YC2 welcomes young musicians at all playing levels. We do not hold auditions to determine acceptance into our program; however, our coaches have asked that all incoming and returning students sign up for a Listening Time to play 1-2 minutes for a YC2 coach. This will help our coaches get to know your playing, or hear what you've been up to since last school year.

We have scheduled Listening Times on: Saturday morning, September 9,16, and 23, 2017, at Duquesne University. Visit our website, Join: Programs and scroll down to Placement Auditions for the link to schedule a live audition (recommended!).
If you are unavailable one of those times; but you are attending September Session, a coach will pull you out one day to play for them (come prepared). If you aren't attending September Session and can't make one of the listening times, then please submit an audition video by midnight September 24, 2017.

* Prepare a short video of yourself playing a classical piece of your choice which demonstrates current playing level.
* Video auditions should be YouTube links or standard format videos (AVI, M4V, MP3, MP4, MOV, MPG, WMV).
* Please set YouTube privacy setting at "Public" so we can share the link with our faculty.
* Recording made with phone or home devices is perfectly acceptable. Professional recordings are not necessary.
* Position the camera so both arms are in clear view (no music stand blocking instrument, keys, or embouchure.)
* Play 1-2 minutes of a classical piece of your choice (no accompaniment) (you may stop mid-way if it is a longer piece). You may play part of a second piece if you choose, but this is not required.
* Entire video audition should not exceed 3 minutes.
* Do not edit the video after recording.

Student First Name *
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If submitting a YouTube or other link, please list the URL here:
If uploading a video in format AVI, M4V, MP3, MP4, MOV, MPG, or WMV, upload your video here:
If you have any questions, email staff@youthchamberconnection.org or call YC2 @ 412-391-0185.
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