Join the Museum Makers Market at MuseumNext
Monday 18 April 2016, 16:00, the Creative Museum will come to MuseumNext with a high-paced, interactive and fun event about creativity and maker culture in museums in the Chester Beatty Library. If you self-identify as a maker, you can participate in this event by joining our Museum Makers Market!

Please note that if you don't want to show a video, and are not interested in being interviewed, you can also show up to our event in time, find Jasper, and still participate in the market.
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What do you want to bring to the Museum Makers Market
I.e. what is it you make, design, 3D print, engineer, ...
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E.g. your website or shop URL. We may share this on social media.
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Can you share a one-minute video of your workshop, product, process, shop, etc. we can loop pre- and post-event?
The video should work well without sound, and we may not show it if it doesn't fit the mood of our event. We'll need to see your video no later than 15 April.
Can we interview you briefly about being a museum maker?
No tricky questions, we promise. We may not be able to interview everyone.
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