NEWS - Roll of Honour Submissions
This form is to submit the recipients of medals, promotions and position changes that took place in your division.
Please follow the format requirements in each question. By following the suggested format, mistakes are less likely to occur and it makes the transfer of information that much easier for our staff.
Thank you for your time and effort,
Albenji NEWS DC

# a valid TAW e-mail address is required
# All boxes are required to submit, if you do not have a submission for that box, please enter NONE.
# It is suggested that you separate the three categories’, with one entry below the other, this way you can copy an entire block and paste it into the appropriate form box. A long string of individuals is not recommended and does not work well with the linked spread sheet associated with this form.
Thank you

Email address
Call Sign (as written in TeamSpeak)
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What Division are you a part of?
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"callsign" received "name of medal"
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"callsign" to "rank" (use rank abbreviations ie. SGT)
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Position Changes
"callsign" stepped up as "position"
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