Application for a Discovery Love Coaching Session with Devi
Hello Beauty!

This session is for you, only if creating the love-life you desire is of utmost importance to you.

It is designed to get clarity on what it is that you really desire in love and how you can get from where you are now to where you want to go.

Are you a woman that is ready to shed the barriers that are holding her back from amazing love?
Are you a woman that is ready to make the changes that will allow her to attract an amazing man and learn to sustain a relationship that is deeply fulfilling, honest, communicative, full of joy, growth, harmony and intimacy?

Then you are ready to discover the steps that will support you in becoming that wonderful version of you that will attract in that man that is living that wonderful version of himself. That man that is dedicated to you, adores you and shows you his love and commitment freely.

You are ready to become a woman that steadily grows her love for herself, all aspects of herself, and knows how to communicate her needs, desires, boundaries and dreams in a way that encourages men to be THAT man that fulfils her.
Ready to get to a place where you can open your heart again, believe and know that it is possible for you to experience amazing love!

You can make your appointment right after you submit your filled out form. Devi will review your application and if she feels you could be someone she would love to work with, the appointment you made stands and we will contact you via email. If she feels it’s not a fit, we will email you and cancel the appointment.

Please answer the following questions as openly as is possible for you at this moment.
You answers are confidential between you, Devi and her senior assistant.

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Thank you so much for your time and honesty that you invested in this application!
You can make your appointment now, as soon as you submit your application!
To Love, Always
Devi and her Team of Love-Support Angels
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