Recruitment Accommodations Host Form
Interview Days are Thursday, March 8th and Friday, March 9th.

Thank you in advance from the prospective students, Mike, Emily and Carol, and everyone for opening your home to prospective students throughout what can be an overwhelming process. We are sure that you will be open and warm and show them why NYU is the right place for them.

If your schedule changes and you are no longer able to accommodate a prospective student, please let us know ASAP through

Accommodations Host Expectations
-- Accommodating 1-3 prospective student(s) for 1 - 2 nights during Recruitment Days (Thursday night is most important; Friday nights is a plus, you may offer additional nights if you are able)
-- Sending an email to prospective student(s) as soon as you are notified of who you are hosting
-- Assisting/Offering your knowledge of how the prospective student(s) can get to your home (airport to fly in from, subway lines, etc.)
-- Ensuring prospective students are able to navigate to and from Recruitment Days locations with or without you
-- Providing guidance on transportation and all the perks of the New York food and drink scene
-- Providing a clean and safe environment for the prospective student to be hosted
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Additional Information
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