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Thank you for taking the time to submit a question to the yafCON panel discussion. yafCON is a micro-conference curated by and created for emerging professionals at Architecture Exchange East (ArchEx).

This year's theme of yafCON is "The Architect of the New Era: critical issues of the 21st century designer". The panel will feature four distinguished emerging professionals who possess experience within at least one of the four following areas:

1) Socially-sensitive and responsive design (design that addresses social disparities in society affecting ethnic, gender, geological, religious, economic, sexual orientation, etc).

2) Use of emerging technologies and data in the design process (adoption of automation, new software and apps, and big data that inform design)

3) Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the work place, and in the design process

4) Sustainability and environmentally-conscious design

*Please note that your question will be anonymous.
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