Funkytown Summer Music Camp financial aid application
August 9-13
Cost per student: $299

Location: UNIVERSITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, home of Funkytown Music Academy
2416 W. Berry St. Fort Worth, TX 76110
Contact us at (817) 926.4626 or

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Scholarship Application
Partial scholarships for Summer Music Camp are generously funded by University United Methodist Church, hereafter referred to as UUMC. For 2021, scholarships for up to $250 are available for students until funds have been depleted. Families (defined as parents or guardians and their adopted/biological children) are eligible for scholarships for up to 5 children from the household. For larger families, the "family maximum tuition" would apply. Each student requires a separate application.

Scholarships are awarded based on genuine, verifiable financial need, such as job loss, unemployment, medical bills, etc.
Part 1 - Applicant Information
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*Tuition for Summer Music Camp is $299.*
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Are you interested in learning about scholarships for private and group lessons once Summer Music Camp is complete?
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