Summer Art Camp 2019, August 5 - 9
For the elementary session, we have so many fun projects to try out. We might explore creating ceramic monsters, cardboard cacti sculptures, folk art faces or collage paper portraits, making paintbrushes and painting with them, constructing artistic bird feeders, creating street art inspired by artist Greg Mike, or other creative ideas that are developing in Mr. Wanner's brain. We will also start working on creating a mural in the hallway walls by the OE v doors.

Finally, what is art camp without weaving and tie-dye? Already know how to weave, then Mr. Wanner will teach you to circle weave or weave a fish. All ready tie-dyed, well have you tie-dyed a pair of underwear or pillow case? If its at least 90% cotton then we can tie dye it.

In the middle school session we will make spray painted or painted white canvas shoes (you provide the white canvas shoe in your size and I will have the paint), create ceramic bugs and insects for the OE mural, paint canvas pattern paintings or Andy Warhol inspired animal paintings, We might create some classy trashy cans, paint some Chris Uphues inspired characters, or any other crazy projects that Mr. Wanner is working on. Finally, we might also help work on the mural by the OE v doors.

For both sessions we provide the materials (and the snacks); You provide your energy, creativity, and great mind. You will gain experience in art and enjoy it!

Instructor: Mr. Zac Wanner (our fabulous art teacher)

Where? Ada Christian School Art Room

When? August 5 – August 9 (just when you are getting tired of summer and want something exciting to do!)

Cost? $120 per student. Please return with payment to the ACS office; checks should be made payable to Zac Wanner.

Session I for students entering grades 3-5:
August 5 – August 9
9:00 am -11:30

Session II for students entering grades 6-8
August 5 – August 9
12:45 - 3:00 pm

Limit: 15 students per camp session
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