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Read the article and answer questions.
1. What do we learn about Veronica Berns in lines 1-5? *
2. Veronica was upset because (lines 1-5) *
3. Why did Veronica choose a comic book as the way to explain her thesis? (lines 6- I I ) Give ONE reason. *
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4. According to Veronica's rule, the science in her comic book had to be (-).(lines 6-11) *
5. According to Veronica's mother, what is special about the comic book?(lines 12-16) COMPLETE THE SENTENCE. It takes complicated science and ... *
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6. Professor Fredrickson thinks that it's important for scientists to (lines 12-16) *
7. Why did Veronica have her comic book printed? (lines 17-23) *
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8. What else is Veronica doing to help people understand science? (lines 17-23) COMPLETE THE SENTENCE. She is writing... *
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